Common Core State Standards & Library Programming

Scores of studies have consistently shown that the presence of a certified librarian results in higher student performance on standardized tests.  Historically, the cornerstones of library instruction have been in the areas of reading, critical thinking, research literacy and responsible use.  This foundation remains and is also the underpinnings of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English-Language Arts (ELA). 

Information Literacy, Reading Engagement, Social Responsibility and Technology Integration are all part of the research process librarians teach and collaborate on with others.  Because research literacy constitutes the backbone of the CCSS, students who master library standards can expect to experience greater success in reaching academic proficiencies.

·    Reading of complex text, attentive reading and reflective reading help students reach greater understanding and develop the stamina necessary for addressing complicated problems.

·    Learning to work in small groups, share information and evaluate a work for authenticity and clarity, help students to develop standards for improvement and achievement.

·    Learning to be an ethical user of written, digital and social content help students become responsible participants in a democratic society.

·    Learning to navigate and integrate a variety of technology leads to competence, confidence and creativity.

The Oregon School Library Standards foster authentic learning and individual achievement.  The dispositions and patterns of thought learners develop while working toward the standards are naturally translated to new environments where unique ideas are both produced and used.

The Oregon School Library Standards have a wide range of application.  For librarians, the Oregon School Library Standards articulate the instruction that should occur in our programming.  For district personnel and school administrators, these standards provide the guide to addressing the charge of HB2586: to build and implement strong school library programs.

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Sep 9, 2013, 3:55 PM