Oregon Heli Tour Operation 

Come Learn The Ropes In Beautiful Oregon 

Oregon based heli tour company is looking for Intern/Pilot. Pay is $250Per week and free housing. Requirements are as follows:

  • Commercial Liscence
  • Robinson Safety Course
  • 200 Hrs TT
  • Drug Test and Drug Program 
  • Must Finish our R44 Transition Program (50 Hours of flying)

R44 Transition Program includes 50 Hours of flight time to meet our insurance requirements and SFAR 73 Sign Offs. After completion of R44 Transition program, you will make an ADDITIONAL $15.00 per flight, hour flying our tours in our NEW Robinson R44 Raven II. Fly 5-6 Hours worth of tours everyday! There is only ONE spot for this season.

Cost of Robinson R44 Professional Pilot Transition Course:


If you are interested AND MEET THE REQUIRMENTS, email us your information and experience to: