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A forever expanding list of the wide variety of tools now available on the internet. Please notify us if you experience difficulties with any of the links. And by all means, send us your favorite sites!

And though we don't think them nearly as well put together as this site, here are two other websites linking the public to resources for teaching and studying French: 
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Type of ResourceDescriptionWebsite
Advocacy Why study French? Reasons provided by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 
Advocacy Full color printable materials to promote the teaching and learning of French 
Advocacy Comprehensive list of famous French speakers. "If the world speaks French, then it must be... the language of the stars!" 
Advocacy HUGE list of online resources (include links to toolkits), maintained by the AATF. 
Authentic Media Resource site operated by CAVILAM (Centre d'Approches Vivantes des Langues et des Médias). Includes multimedia teaching materials and activity suggestions on how to use this material in the classroom. 
Authentic Media Le site officiel des France Five (the French take on the Power Rangers) 
Authentic Media French 24 - L'actualité internationale en direct, articles, entretiens exclusifs, et reportages 
Authentic Media Comptines, chansons et poésies 
Authentic Media TV5 Monde - Espace Enseignants 
Authentic Media Radio France - Apprendre le Français 
Authentic Media With this online news source, you can toggle back and forth between English, French, and a half dozen other languages as you read up on current events around the world. 
Authentic Media Exhaustive list of French radio stations available online. 
Authentic Media La chanson francophone en cours de FLE. Extensive list, organized by grammar topic, vocabulary theme, culture, and more. 
Authentic Media Canal Académie - Radio Académique Francophone 
Authentic Media TV5 Monde 
Certifications / Tests Information on the DILF, DELF, and DALF 
Certifications / Tests Overview Provided by the Cultural Services branch of the French Embassy 
Full courses online The BBC has an extensive range of activities and courses for French students of all levels. 
Full courses online An online course partnered with the BBC. Learn basic French while solving a mystery of high intrigue. Includes audio, dialogue, grammar, and vocabulary review. 
Fun Stuff :) A list of French place names in the United States 
Fun Stuff :) Reputable site for finding a penpal abroad. 
Fun Stuff :) Practice with a language partner online, join in discussion groups, even find a teacher. Fabulous site. 
Fun Stuff :) French tongue-twisters 
Fun Stuff :) One teacher's French website and online resources, including links to short films (great for class!), songs, French cuisine, music, advertisements, and more! 
Fun Stuff :) Ice breakers for the classroom. 
Fun Stuff :) List of improvisational games, many of which can be adapted to the upper-level language classroom. 
Fun Stuff :) L'Espace Francophone is maintained by the French Consulate of New Orleans. It is a vast resource worth checking out. 
Fun Stuff :) An extensive list of French animal sounds 
Fun Stuff :) Long list of feature films on various topics to be used in class (or enjoyed on your own!). 
Fun Stuff :) French idioms and proverbs 
Fun Stuff :) Tutorial on Informal French and Slang 
Fun Stuff :) Humorous site for teaching l'argot. Adaptable to all levels of language learners. 
Grammar Printable verb charts for drilling and practice. 
Grammar Online French verb conjugator (and DEconjugator)! 
Grammar Guide Great printable handouts on grammar topics for French 2/103 and higher 
Grammar Guide Explanation of adjectives that change meaning depending on whether they come before or after the verb. 
Grammar Guide This online course includes resources by grammar topic for college-level French 1 and 2. 
Grammar Guide Clear, often humorous explanations of a wide variety of grammar concepts. Includes self-checking exercises at the end of each. 
La Francophonie Cajun French (Louisiana State Universitiy)$Content/Cajun+French?OpenDocument 
La Francophonie Culturegrams, written and maintained by students and faculty at BYU. These are a terrific resource for student research on French-speaking countries. Check to see whether your library has a subscription. 
Lesson / Activity Blank maps of France for geography practice and labeling. 
Lesson / Activity Interested in CBI (Content-based instruction)? Check out this long list of Thematic Units for the FL classroom. 
Literature Les Genres Littéraires. Explanations and extracts from a broad range of literary gendres. 
Literature Research and its implications for teaching reading comprehension to FL students. 
Literature Entire texts in French, including some famous pieces of literature, available online. 
Literature A suggested reading list for students preparing an MA in French Literature. 
Methodology Video introduction to TPR Storytelling. 
Methodology New Jersey World Languages Curriculum Framework - lots of useful and interesting ideas, particularly in the appendices at the bottom on the page. 
Methodology Paper on differentiated instruction in the FL classroom. 
Online Practice French in Action video series, sorted by topic. 
Online Practice Verb conjugation practice (by verb type and tense/mood). 
Professional Organization The Alliance Française of Portland 
Professional Organization CASLS - Center for Applied Second Language Studies (University of Oregon) 
Professional Organization ODE Website for Second Languages 
Professional Organization AATF - American Association for Teachers of French 
Professional Organization COFLT - Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching 
Professional Organization MLA - Modern Languages Association 
Professional Organization ACTFL - American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages 
Pronunciation Text to speech interface. Type in the desired text, select French as the language, and hear the text read aloud to you. This is done by computers, but in my experience it's 97% authentic-sounding. 
Pronunciation A wide range of vocabulary sets. Hold your mouse over the picture of the word to hear the French pronunciation and see the spelling. Great for beginning students. 
Publication Le Français dans le monde - Revue de la fédération internationale des professeurs de français 
Publication Scholastic publishes 4 levels of magazines for students of French. Six issues per year at $7.99 each. Order a sample set at this link. 
Summer Opportunity National Endowment for the Humanities' summer seminars for teachers. 
Summer Opportunity Summer Institutes at CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition) 
Summer Opportunity Stages Pédagogiques de Courte Durée. 3-week grants from the French Embassy for qualified teachers of French who would like to enhance their knowledge of French culture and improve their language and teaching skills. 
Summer Opportunity The Oregon Writing Project. This link is based out of Willamette University but many other universities around the state also participate. 
Summer Opportunity LILT is a weeklong summer program offered by the Ohio State Department of Linguistics and the School and Teaching and Learning designed specifically for teachers of foreign languages. 
Teacher Tool List of activities for the FL classroom. Includes creative fillers, vocabulary practice, ice breakers, and sponge activities. 
Teacher Tool The site provides templates for whiteboard/smartboard based activities. Good, adaptable games for vocabulary and grammar review. Search subject area: foreign languages. 
Teacher Tool Simple games for teaching French (geared toward elementary school). 
Teacher Tool Culturally authentic pictorial lexicon 
Teacher Tool Excellent rubrics for foreign languages 
Teacher Tool Le Point du FLE is a comprehensive website for teachers of French around the world. 
Teacher Tool Help your students practicing using the Euro by creating worksheets at this website. Choose from pre-designed sheets or create your own with a wide range of options. 
Teacher Tool Free online resource for creating about a dozen different types of puzzle activities. 
Teacher Tool A wide range of printable worksheets and booklets for learning French vocabulary. Most suitable for K-8. Membership required ($20/yr). 
Translation French/English bicycle vocabulary. 
Translation Word Reference is, in this reviewer's opinion, leaps and bounds beyond any other online multilingual dictionary. The site includes conjugation charts for all verbs in the dictionary. 
Translation Dictionnaire de l'Académie Française, including editions dating back to the first in 1606! 
Translation An online version of Emile Littré's famous dictionary. 
Translation Grand Dictionnaire de Terminologie 
Vivre et Voyager en France Samples of a variety of formal letters in French. 
Vivre et Voyager en France Interactive map of Paris. Tourist guides for different lengths of stay and arrondissements. 
Vivre et Voyager en France Practical factsheets of a wide range of aspects of living in France. 
Vivre et Voyager en France Downloadable books on what it means to be "French." 
Vivre et Voyager en France Guide to life in France, organized by visitor (student, researcher, etc.) 
Vocabulary Helpful site for supplemental vocabulary and online activities. In theory, this is an entire online course. I have found it works best as a supplement. 
Vocabulary A wide range of vocabulary sets. Hold your mouse over the picture of the word to hear the French pronunciation and see the spelling. Great for beginning students. 
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