Due to spacial restrictions OCSS has redesigned the exhibitor /vendor opportunities space for our conference. We now welcome your sponsorhip of our confernce. Learn more below!

Are you are an Oregon organization that wants to partner with the Oregon Council for Social Studies?

The 2019 conference program aims to provide educators with the foundational content knowledge, resources and instructional practicesto support the implementation of Senate Bill 13, House Bill 2845 and Senate Bill 664. These three historic legislatives acts have charged Oregon educators to deliver instruction and curriculum that is inclusive of multiple perspectives and authentically presents the diverse population and lived experiences of all Oregonians, past and present.

Sponsorship of our conference is not only an opportunity to receive state-wide exposure; but you join the growing effortto bring into forefront the histories, contributions, and celebrations of the state’s culturally, ethnically and socially marginalized communities. Your support will provide educators with a host of standards-aligned resources and ready-to-use pedagogical strategies that accordingly will provide students with the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and civic values to become positive contributing members of the local and continually expanding global community.

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