ATJO Newsletter

The ATJO Newsletter is published three times a year, mailed to ATJO members in September, January and May. Subscription is automatic once you become a member of ATJO. Each issue contains featured articles, calendar of events, news from members, workshop/grant opportunities, Q&As, etc. If you are an ATJO member and have news or an article that you wish to share on ATJO Newsletter, send information to the newsletter editor at

Each ATJO Newsletter contains:

*presidential address from our current president
*reports from COFLT and AATJ
*important Japanese-related events around Oregon and the U.S. including AP and ACTFL conferences
*featured articles on the current theme
*teaching ideas
*Q&A ('Dear Sensei') section
*ATJO member news
*Reports on the Benkyoukai
*Information on membership as well as important forms and applications.

Article Contribution Deadlines :

Fall Issue: August 8th (Thank you for your contribution!)
Winter Issue: November 23rd
Spring Issue: March 15th

Current Newsletter

The ATJO newsletter has just been published. You can see the first page of the latest newsletter here. 

Yukari Furikado,
Jun 10, 2014, 10:16 AM
Yukari Furikado,
Jun 10, 2014, 10:13 AM