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2016 Sydney Reunion - 31st Dutch Shipping in Australia Reunion

The 31st “DUTCH SHIPPING IN AUSTRALIA” reunion, was this year again held in the “DELIMA” Indonesian restaurant China town, and what a day it was!

There were a reduced number of persons present compared to last year but the atmosphere was great. And the choice of dishes we had was superb, which I am sure would have brought back fond memories of many seagoing personnel.   

Sadly since the last reunion we had notice of the passing of Kees de Jong, Sonia Schröder, Frans Beckers and Warwick Abadee. Warwick had been for a long time involved with the Maritime Museum in Sydney and Co-Organiser of our Sydney reunion.

It was again great to see that quite a few still make the effort to come to reunion from interstate.

Fred again held his annual raffle of wine. Congratulations to the winners 

As always there were quite a few apologies from persons that could not make it this year, as per list included. Even though we are an aging group, so many still find a way to travel around the world.

To make future planning easier please note that all future reunions, as long as they last, will be held on the last Saturday in May

Bob Lammeree

Pictures by courtesy of Bob Lammeree

21 Present:

Willem and Kate Bras

Fred and Jenny Burger

John and Val Kol

Bob and Leonie Lammeree

John Papenhuyzen

Ferrie Oosterhoff

Harry Cleveringa

Fred Elkhuizen

Herman and Kay Willemsen

Janet and Joe slikboer

Pam and Dick Rademaker

Bruce and Tillie Polain

Henk Kortekaas


Pictures by courtesy of Dick Rademaker

29 Apologies:

Peter and llena Langeveld

Jan and Elly van den Berg

John and Anne Teffer

Koert and Adrienne Beekes

Wal and CobY Renshaw

Andre Reestman

Thea Kortekaas

Adriaan Kuiper

Bryan and Jan Hinwood

Chris and Carla de Jong

Hans and Helen van der Meulen

Granville and Suzette Stevens

Cees den Boogert

Michael Britton

Hubert van Mierlo

Ann and Joe Oost

Denis and Sharon Ruge

Ollie Oosterhoff