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6th Grade

 Monday 9/26
Religion: Read 43-45  Stewardship project
Reading Read pp 104-105  Vocabulary, wb 29,30 
Spelling:  pp25-26
Vocabulary:  pp 42,43
Math:  pp34-37  #13-37, 43-47
Phonics:  Ch 1 Test
English:  WB  5,6
Science:  Rd 26-28  Do pp 30-31 #1-21
Handwriting:  Lesson 5 Day 1
 Tuesday 9/27
Religion:  Read pp 46-47  Stewardship project
Reading:  Read pp 106-117 aloud  wb31,32,35
Spelling:  p27
Vocabulary:  p 44
Math:  ws 1-7
Phonics:  p37-40
English:  p14,15   Exercises A, B, C
Social Studies: Rd pp 146-151  Answer questions 1-5 p 151  WB 39,40
Handwriting Lesson 5 Day 2
 Wednesday 9/28
Religion:  Rosary led by 8th  Stewardship project
Reading:  Rd pp106-117  WB  32, 34
Spelling:  p28
Vocabulary:  p45
Math:  p 559 Lesson 1-7  # 1-14
Phonics:  pp41-42
English:  p16-17  Exercises A, B, C
Science:  Study Guide
Handwriting:  Lesson 5Day 3
 Thursday 9/29  Friday 9/30  Science Extra Credit Project:  Due October 7  Any project handed in after due date will not be given credit.  Create a model of a volcano or an earthquake.  All models are accepted.  Also print 1 page of research on the topic of your model.  It must be typed with no larger than 14pt.  Pictures may be included on a seperate page.  Be creative and learn something new with your research.
 Stewardship project:  With your team create a "bulletin board" demonstrating what a steward of God's creation could be doing in our community, parish, family, school.  Cut or draw pictures, create a title, be creative.