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Zithromax dose

The prescription medication Zithromax is taken for the curing of different usual infections, such as sexually transmitted illness and bacterial infection. By lessening ability of bacteria to produce protein and influencing peptide activities in the human body. This medication is available in the form of the tablets and in the form of the liquid suspensions and is recommended for usage in both kids and adults.

Which company produces this medication?

Zithromax is produced by Pfizer.

What is the medication taken for?

Zithromax is recommended to cure lots of conditions. Some uses for the drug include:

1)Curing bacterial infection, such as:

Bronchitis (and most of other respiratory infections).
Ear infection.
Skin infection (impetigo, cellulitis or folliculitis).
Sinus infection (sinusitis).
Throat infection (pharyngitis or tonsillitis).
2)Sexually transmitted illnesses, contain:

This medication isn’t functional against any diseases which were caused by some viruses such as usual cold, the flu or stomach flu.
The recommended portion of this medication for curing the major kinds of usual bacterial infections is two hundred and fifty mg or fife hundred mg for 3 to 5 days of usage. If the patient suffers from chronic or even stronger infection, the physician or health care adviser could continue curing for a longer period of time. For curing sexually transmitted illnesses the advisable portion of the drug is one g to two g taken one time.

The dosage of Zithromax your physician or health care adviser recommends will differ, depending on various factors, contain:

The medical state being cured.
The age of the patient.
If patient has lessen liver functions.
If patient has lessen kidney function.
Some other medical states the patient could have.
Some other medications the patients could have.
Portions of the medication for treating bacterial infection

The advisable Zithromax portion for the most kinds of usual bacterial infection is two hundred and fifty mg or fifty hundred mg a day for 3 to 5 days of usage. For more severe or chronic infections the physician or health care adviser could continue curing for the additional period. In kids, the portion of the medication could differ (depending on the weight of the child) from fife mg to twenty mg per kilogram of the child’s weight per day, one time a day for 3 to 5 days.

Zithromax portion for sexually transmitted illnesses

The advisable portion of this medication for the curing of sexually transmitted illnesses is one gram (one thousand mg) to two grams (two thousand mg) taken one time.

General info on dosing with the medication

Additional info to remember when using Zithromax contains the following:

    This medication should be used at a particular time period every day to have even levels in the system.
Both liquid suspension and tablets could be used with or even without food. If the medication influences badly on the stomach, try using the drug together with food.
    Suspensions must be used without food, or 1 hour before the meal or 2 hours after.
Drink a glass of water with every portion of the medication.
    For the drug to function properly, the patient should use it as was recommended by physician or health care adviser.
    Be sure that you use entire prescription, even if you are feeling much better. This is a sign that infection is totally cured.
    Please don’t use outdated medication. Using some outdated drugs could lead to severe troubles.
Don’t spot the usage of the medication without first consulting it with your physician.

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