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Meet Maeva

    * Persona

Maeva Eiriksdottir is a 9th century bead maker from Hedeby married to an Irish merchant and mother to a little dragon with a penchant for all things shiny.
Occasionally she can be seen wearing futuresque fashion of the 16th century to satisfy her cravings for the pageantry of the later Middle Ages. Pouring over beautiful manuscript illuminations and staining her fingers with ink doing calligraphy are her favorite pastimes.

    * Interests

The person behind Maeva is interested in many things but you'll find the following at the top of her list :
- calligraphy and illumination especially of the 15th century
- lampworking
- jewelry making
- costuming
- archery
- pageantry and heraldry

    * other

Maeva's Homepage [http://maeva.eiriksdottir.googlepages.com]
Maeva's Blog [http://miolfhiodha.tblog.com] 

   * Maeva's OP

11/2/2002 AOA Award of Arms
5/7/2005 OAE Order of the Argent Estoile
2/25/2006 OTWT Order of the Trade Winds
11/11/2006 OAP Order of the Argent Palm Trimaris
2/17/2007 OSTT Order of the Silver Trident Trimaris
2/17/2007 GOA Grant of Arms
3/31/2007 OHT Order of the Herald's Tressure

1/12/2008 OL Order of the Laurel