The most noble Order 

of the Nut and the Squirrel

"Virtute non Verbis" 


Our members



The most noble Order of the Nut and the Squirrel is best described as an Arts & Sciences Household in the Society for Creative Anachronism. It was founded in October, 2005.

The only lodge of the most noble Order of the Nut and the Squirrel can be found within the boundaries of the Shire of Castlemere in the Kingdom of Trimaris, mundanely Jacksonville North-Florida.  

Membership in the Order of the Nut and the Squirrel is by invitation-only but we welcome anybody as guest to our hearth.

Our patron saint is St Dympna, virgin and martyr, and we celebrate our St Dympna Feast on May, 15th. Allegedly Dympna lived in the 7th century and was the daughter of a Celtic or British king.  Her mother died in her childhood, and when her father fell in love with her and made incestuous advances to her, she fled with her spiritual confidant, Gerebernus, to Antwerp in the Low Countries, and then to Gheel, some 25 miles from Antwerp.  Dympna’s father pursued the couple and eventually found them living as hermits.  As they refused to return, the king’s attendants killed Gerebernus and the king himself killed his daughter.  The place of their martyrdom became a shrine, and when their bodies were moved to a new resting-place in the 13th century, many cures of epileptics and lunatics were recorded.  For this reason Dympna is patroness of the mentally challenged and we considered that quite fitting.