Calypso, F Kraken

Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d4, Vigor d8
Charisma +0, Pace 6, Parry 5 (including bonus from staff ), Toughness 6
Boating d8, Fighting d4, Gambling d4, Knowledge Arcana d4,  Lockpicking d4, Notice d4, Persuasion d4, Spellcasting d8, Stealth d4, Streetwise d4, Swimming d6, Tracking d4

Dehydration (R): Must spend an hour a day immersed in water or suffer fatigue.
Code of Honor (N00): Never attack something that can't fight back, don't allow other to do so if aware of it.
Death Wish (Minor; N00): Help something, anything, destroy the hags in any way she can.
Quirk (N00): She's very evasive with her answers, you only get the blunt truth after lots of questioning (I could use some help rp'ing this one)

(R) Aquatic: Breathe and speak normally underwater, move at swim die under water
(R) Natural Talent : 10 extra power points
(N00) Water Magic: Bolt, Elemental Manipulation, Healing
(N00) Quick
(N05) Boating d6 -> d8
(N10) Vigor d6 -> d8

Staff (+1 parry, reach 1, str+d4), Lockpicks, Leather Satchel, Sets of Clothes, Map of Caribdus, Spyglass, Compass, 297 pieces of eight

Calypso, aka Cali Mary, aka Vorn the Unspeakable, aka Debbie is a kraken trying to make something of the shattered pieces of her life. She was too young to be enlisted (by three months) at the time of the battle of the hags. When the great fleet set out, so did she, in a small trading vessel bound for who knows where. Running away in that fit of childishness is probably what kept her from becoming so much flotsam, not that she's proud of the act. With everything she'd ever known shattered and sunk, she leaned on her wits to get by, hopping aboard whatever ship she could, learning a bit of this and that, and especially taking to navigation. She's spent the intervening years in nearly every port across the sunken lands, until the day she signed on for an extended tenure with the Rebecca.

Lou, she sees as almost a new father figure, and like a father she wishes he wouldn't act like such a dork in public. He got to experience the kind of magical training she yearned for, and she admires him for that. She hopes to pick up a few things as he goes about his quest for elemental mastery, but she knows that's a path she can no longer go down, the sea calls.

Birgus she finds an oddly sage source of wisdom in the chaos that's the crew they've formed. Despite his surly nature he's extremely efficient, done some impressing things, and taken some even more impressive hits without blinking. Appropriately enough for an earth mage, he's a rare stable point in everything, until his beer collection gets broken anyway.

Grrk, he's like a pug puppy. Ugly, but his innocent mannerisms and naivete are cute. And he's so easy to point in the right direction if brute force is necessary. Now if he'd just stop trying to 'fix' everything and turn the boat over...

John, the human is just odd to her. He's completely, almost slavishly, loyal to this 'yuessovay' and it creeps her out a bit. The way he goes on and proclaims it so much, she wonders who he's trying to convince more: the rest of the world or himself. Still, he's proven himself capable and much better at command than herself.

Fey, she just defies all expectations. She's happy, bubbly, amazing with words despite a slightly limited vocabulary, it's almost baffling. Still, she's cute.

Not that she'd ever say any of these things out loud.