Steps to membership in the Order of St. Edward

There are basically three steps to becoming a member  of the Order of St. Edward the Confessor.


This is the stage when a person explores the options of religious life, and makes an works to prayerfully discern what Order he or she is called to. This stage typically takes several weeks depending on the Inquirer and the discernment of the leadership of the order.

2. Novitiate.

At this stage, the Novice takes temporary vows (for the duration of the one-year Novitiate) and begins to live the full life of an Edwardian Sage. It is at this stage that the Novice begins to go by the title "Brother" or "Sister" and uses the initials OSE after their name. Novices may take on a particular job within the Community, but they are encouraged to live a quiet life of discernment in their local parish rather than travel and teach. There are exceptions to this, according to the judgment of the Presiding Friar of the Community.

3. Life professed

At this stage, the Sage becomes a full fledged member of the Order of St. Edward the Confessor. They are bound by vows that are taken for life, and can only be released from these vows with permission from the leadership of the community. Life professed members are encouraged to be active in helping the Order to communicate with all parishes in the Sage's home diocese. The leadership of the Community understands that, depending on the size of the diocese, this can be a large undertaking. However, this can be an effective way to help the Community grow, so hopefully each Sage will soon have help!