Our Patron
St. Edward the Confessor, King of England

St. Edward as Confessor

King Edward of England was known as a person who put God first in his life, even when it meant he had to sacrifice his duties as king. Therefore he took on the title confessor in his saintly name rather than something drawing attention to the fact that he was a great king. The title Confessor does not mean that he was known for confessing, but rather that he was known as someone who could be trusted to listen to the personal and spiritual difficulties of others and offer good advice and learned teaching. It is the title usually only given to a priest, as it rfers to someone who hears confessions as a large part of their ministry.

It is this association with wisdom and  authority of St. Edward's teaching that speak to our charism as Edwardians. We are Sages, that is, teachers of wisdom and knowledge. We strive to be known as those who one can go to for such things. That is also how we do our part to serve the ultimate Sage, Jesus of Nazareth. Both St. Edward and Jesus are who Edwardian Friars and Sisters look to for guidance in how we live the life of a Sage.

St. Edward as King

There is a certain aspect of St Edward's upbringing that is a key to understanding the way the Order of St. Edward views education. Although it is hard to say exactly how high his education went, it is certain that St. Edward was well educated while he was raised in Normandy and molded for a Royal life. From a very young age, Edward was prepared for however he might have lived out his life as part of the Royal family of England. This would have included (and revolved around) a great deal of religious instruction. The Order of St. Edward uses this as a guide for educating people for living the life of Royal persons. In other words, St. Edward's very upbringing is a model for how Edwardians view education, particularly religious education.