Airbrushing for everyone

I hope some of this information will help you to enjoy airbrushing.



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Never fill the cup to the top, you only need a few drops and do not get on our clothes, it won't come out. 
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If it gets clogged, remove and clean the tip (be careful because it has a needle that sticks out of the end)  
If that does not work, you can unscrew the handle, loosen the needle by turning the little screw, slide it out and clean it. 
When you put it back in do not hit the tip against anything it could bend it and it will not work right.  BELIEVE ME… IF YOU TAKE THE AIRBRUSH APART..

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Get a white paper towel (I taped mine on an old table)... 
Start spraying color onto it. 
Slowly move your airbrush closer to the paper and then moving it away. 
This will show you how to apply foundation vs eyeliner. 

The closer you get the less spreading effect you have.

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Always clean your airbrush after each use. 

To do this... blow out any makeup left in the cup

Spray or pour water into the cup, blow that out until it runs clear

Put a few drops of Airbrush Cleanser into the cup, put your finger over the tip of the airbrush where the air comes out, let it bubble in the cup for a second and then blow that out.

You are done until the next time.


I have also like to use a Q-tip to clean out the bowl on my airbrush. 


To mix colors in your brush... 

Put your colors in the cup..
Hold your finger over the top of the cup (allowing some air to get into the cup) then pull the trigger back trigger and hold another finger over the tip of the needle. You should see it to bubble in the cup.... Therefore “mixing”. Easy huh?


Makeup I have tried... 

Dinair ( This is my favorite so far for personal use. I use about 5 drops to cover the whole face and neck.

Kett ( I find this make up a little more difficult to apply.. Feels, to me, to be used by “professionals”.. Sort of silicone feeling and somewhat expensive.

Temptu ( This was my favorite until I found Dinair. Temptu’s make up is thicker and would require more mixing. I would not recommend thick makeup with a Dinair Airbrush.

MAC (www.macpro) - Yeap... MAC now has airbrush makeup.. But I don't think you can buy it in the stores, nor can you buy it at their regular website. I was told you had to be a “Professional” to buy this makeup. I emailed the company and was told to call 800-387-6707 and press option 6. I ordered one and yes, I like it, but I ordered the wrong color, so right now that bottle is sitting on my dresser until I figure out what to do with it. I think I will start mixing...

Over the counter... I have tried all kinds... This is something you will have to try for yourself to see what works best for you.

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What other things can you use your airbrush makeup for ???? 

Oh my gosh.. All kinds of things. Foundation (face, neck, ears); Blush; Eye shadow; Eye brows; and when you get really good.... try your eye liner.. DO NOT HAVE YOUR CONTACTS IN WHEN TRYING THIS..Now how about hair.. roots showing, don’t have time to color.. Spray in some color.. Going to a ball game.. spray in team colors..Do you have kids? They love this... You can buy stencils to make them little tattoo’s (You may want to buy the silicone based makeup for this). I say... HAVE FUN WITH IT. It’s not just for foundation anymore.


Never spray your airbrush makeup directly into your eyes; ears or nose.


When spraying your airbrush... You do not have to keep it set at a high setting. As a matter of fact, you should use the lowest setting possible. The setting will vary depending on the thickness of your makeup and the airbrush you are using. You should not see your skin moving when spraying. If you do, you have your brush set too high


You can use a tissue to prevent over spray of cosmetic into the hairline, but I have never noticed this being a problem for me.

When spraying your foundation, you should be about 3-4 inches from your face, get closer for eye shadow and even closer for eyeliner.


Changing Colors

.... O.K.... I usually start with my lightest color when ever possible, i.e., foundation - then add blush - then add eye shadow - then brow color. Depending on the makeup you are using, you may find it is NOT necessary to totally clean out the airbrush after each color. For example, Dinair.... Use 4-5 drops for foundation.... Add new color... DO NOT MIX.... Hold paper towel or tissue in front of nozzle.. Spray lightly and you should see your old color go away and your new color start showing. Of course this may not work if you go from “black to white”...


Applying airbrush foundation... 

Move your hand in a “circular” motion.. Not up and down. This way you should be able to get full coverage without leaving lines up and down your face.... DON’T FORGET YOUR NECK AND EARS... This is what is so great about airbrushing... NO MORE MASK FACE.


Matching Colors
Spray a large “DOT” between your jaw lines and face.... Most people try to match their face.... NO NO NO... you should match your neck and blend up..... Your face actually takes a beating from the sun and everything else... Believe me the color on your face is NOT the color of your skin. If your DOT is too light... add a drop of darker color.... if your DOT is too dark.... add a drop of lighter color. (One drop at a time... mix in your airbrush cup as described earlier) Until you find that right color


Testing your cosmetics.... 

If you would prefer (and yes.. you should) make sure you are not allergic to the makeup before you put it all over your face and neck... Do a test spot either behind your ear or on the inner elbow.. O.K., I didn’t do this and I have been lucky so far but we just never know what is in some of these cosmetics. Dinair is safe for all


Under eye concealer.Some people such as myself prefer not airbrushing directly under my eyes... For one reason, this skin is very sensitive and you don’t want to damage any under eye veins which causes dark circles and it is difficult for me to get into the corner of my eyes with the airbrush. I also have fine lines and when I airbrush this area, it seems to stand out more. Use your best judgment.


Remove any traces of airbrush makeup from brows; lashes and lips if you are going to airbrush and run.

I hope you will enjoy airbrushing as much as I do. A little bit about me... I am not a makeup artist, I just love makeup and I am always trying new things. It all started when I was working for a plastic surgeon and we attended a Expo in Pennsylvania, they were demonstrating the “Airbrush”...... 
Oh... I fell in love....

That's why I named my domain ""