uTorrent - WebUi dedicated server

try it yourself


I wanted to use my broadband connection enthire time for downloading torrent files.
How I did that? Pc in my room is too noisy. I couldn't sleep with cooler sound.


That's my old PC Athlon xp 2400+ 512mb ram. I don't use it all the time. Sometime its 
switched off for economical reasons


 I split up broadband by D-Link Di-604 router. Value about 40$


Back case with holes fore wires for better look.

I bought an old server which I put in the other room. It costed 26$ + wires 5$
specifications: PIII 300, 64MB ram integrated video + 17' screen 

Pure Windows XP SP2 OS with uTorrent client only.

VCN remote desktop it's connected with Athlon. 


Working webUI in firefox

I could copy files downloaded by uTorrent via LAN onto desktop computer.

Try it yourself!

time: 3h
TOTAL: about less than71$