The Open Relationship Community (ORC) exists to provide resources, connection, and support to people exploring different styles of open, polyamorous, and consensual non-monogamous relationships.
The ORC is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a Facebook Group that includes thousands of members from around the world. This Facebook group provides a forum for members to share stories, seek support, develop skills, offer honest reflections, post interesting articles and initiate provocative conversations on how we can build a stronger, more connected, more compassionate and more loving community of human beings. 

You can also find us at this Facebook Page

We encourage our community members to participate in local events as well as create new events that fill specific needs and niches within the community. A few additional groups have grown out of the ORC including: ORC for young people, poly parents group, and the poly couples support group. If there is a need that is not being addressed, we encourage people to take the initiative and make things happen.

Brief History of the ORC:

In the fall of 2009, Philippe Lewis and his partner Paget gathered a small group of friends to support and chat with one another specifically about open relationship themes. What they found is that by getting together and discussing open relationships, something wonderful happened: wisdom and support would naturally emerge. People would show up with a wealth of experience and share with others while learning from others about their experience. This synergy proved to be much more useful and powerful than any self-help book out there! By "open", they meant people who are open to intimate/romantic/sensual/sexual relationships with more than one person, in other words open/poly/non-monogamous relationships. They didn't believe that open relationships are inherently better than monogamous relationships, just that they are a better fit for some people -- and that they generally do require advanced relationship skills.

The first ORC potluck event was held on October 21, 2009 and its online presence, the ORC Facebook Group, was launched one month later.

The ORC has evolved and grown quite a bit since the original 30 potluck attendees! Our community now includes people from around the globe, and the Bay Area potlucks are offered twice per month with 30 – 150 people participating! At its best, the Open Relationship Community group feels like being at an awesome party filled with like-minded and like-hearted people. Everyone gets to connect and be amazing, and on top of that, there’s hardly a carbon footprint to mention.

Since 2009, we’ve only just begun to discover the expanse of what our shared community space can be, locally and globally. We invite you to co-create the ORC community with us…

William, Julie, Joe, and Geffen are now also moderating the Facebook Group and potlucks and keeping this community otherwise full of awesomeness and great people.

Welcome and enjoy!

Recent News & Events

  • SOUTH BAY - ORC potluck Dec 16th! SOUTH BAY - Open Relationship Community Potluck Monday, December 16 at Kailani and Bob Nguyen’s home Geffen, Kailani and Bob invite you to the FIRST SOUTH BAY Open Relationship Community ...
    Posted Dec 9, 2013, 10:03 PM by Philippe Lewis
  • SPECIAL 4-year anniversary potluck on Dec 12 in Oakland! Our 4-year anniversary of the ORC potlucks and FB group!*Only one potluck this month so we can all come together and say, “congratulations to our community!” Geffen, William ...
    Posted Dec 9, 2013, 10:04 PM by Philippe Lewis
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