Orchid Materials

( By: Raveendran Chennilode ) 
Orchid related materials and collectibles are many; so is floral arrangements with Orchids.
Being the top flowers, Orchids occupy important position among the flowers selected for various arrangements and for events and occasions. Orchids are made part of the history by naming them after famous Orchidologists,Leaders, Deities.etc. Singapore botanic gardens will release a new hybrid in the name the VIP visiting Singapore if he is the Head of foreign Country. Value added materials are many with Orchids. Vanilla the only comercial orchid and a spice is of high demand globally . Various styles of Orchid arrangements are the major attraction and item of competition in every Orchid Shows and festivals.
  CLICK HERE for Pictures of floral arrangements from 4th Sanya International orchid Show China-2010.
Even from the ancient era, orchids were flowers of attraction. It is evedent from the drawings on ancient Chinese bowls and Vessels. Orchid paintings and drawings are pieces of attraction and value.
 Chinese painting-Cymbidium
Many countries have released Orchid Stamps, mostly with selected orchid drawings
 Indian stamps
pictures by  Artist Ravindran Tamil Nadu
Stamps of other countries are shown only for information and courtesy who published in the Internet


And many stamps from many countries

Orchids as National Flowers
Some countries have selected their native Orchids as their national flowers.
Singapore - Vanda Miss Jua Quim
Panama- Peristeria elata ( Dove Orchid )
Srilanka- Dendrobium sp.
Belize -Trichoglottis Brachiata( Black Orchid )
Cayman Islands -  Schomburgkia Thomsoniana(Wild Banana Orchid)
Columbia - Cattleya Trianae (Christmas orchid)
Costa Rica - cattleya skinneri (Guaria Morada )
Guatemala - Lycaste Skinnerialba ( White Nun Orchid or Monja Blanca  )
Honduras - Brassavola Digbiana (
Hongkong - Bauhinia Blakeana
Indonesia _ Phalaenopsis Amabilis
Seychelles - Tropicbird Orchid
Orchid Ornaments
The peculiar shapes of orchids are copied in golden ornaments in every part of the world. Certain Orchids itself are coated with gold and used as it is as pendents .
Orchid Art / Orchid Collectibles.
Orchid flowers are embeded inside glassy materials and preserved like that with the original colour and shape with particular techniques. As keychains, table weights, globes,balls etc.
Engraving orchid pictures on glass and ceramics also are classy art works and gift items.
Orchid Floral Arrangements
Orchid floral arrangements are world famous. These arrangements are an important item in every Orchid Shows in every part of the world.
 Thai arrangements
  Thai arrangements
 Chinese floral arrangement. from Sanya Orchid Show 2010
 Chinese floral arrangement. from Sanya Orchid Show 2010
Orchid as medicines
Orchids were noted in ancient times for the medicinal properties attributed to them.Many orchids are still medicines. Local medicines are prepared with orchids even now. Chinese prepare orchid tea with dendrobium species. Approved Tribal medicines in India include many native species. Many species of Vanda,Bulbophyllum, Eulophia, dendrobium, cymbidium etc are considered like that.
Many orchid related business opportunities are there around the world.
Manufacture of Orchid Pots, Fertilisers, Shade Nets, Packing items, wooden baskets, orchid potting materials like processed coconut husks, Moss, treefern fibre, tree barks, orchid shelves for arranging potted plants in Green houses etc etc all are business. Orchid related ideas never end.
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