Orchids of Kerala, India 

The 252 species, 3 subspecies and a solitary variety of orchids belonging to 79 genera known to occur in Kerala India

Kerala, recognised in the present form in 1956, is one of the smallest states in the extreme southwestern part of the Indian subcontinent, bordered on the north by the state of Karnataka, on the east and south by Tamil Nadu and washed on the west by Arabian Sea. It lies between latitudes 08.2 degree N and longitudes 74.7 degree and 77.5 degree E covering an area of 38,864 Sq.Km., which is 1% of the total land area of India. Kerala is isolated from the Deccan plateau by the mountainous belt of Western Ghats. The average height of the Western Ghats in Kerala is about 950m., but the High Ranges rise up to 2695 m. (Anamudi, the highest peak south of the Himalayas). This region is blessed with high rainfall, good drainage, diverse soil types and wide ranging altitudes, all factors contributing to the exuberance of its vegetation. Accordingly, deciduous forests, tropical evergreen forests and temperate evergreen forest formations occur at suitable elevations. The plant wealth of the state, especially the species and condiments, timber, etc. attracted traders, travelers and maritime powers down centuries.

Orchid Genera

Acampe, Acanthephippium, Aenhenrya, Aerides, Anoectochilus, Aphyllorchis, Arundina, Brachycorythis, Bulbophyllum, Calanthe, Cheirostylis, Chiloschista, Chrysoglossum, Cirrhopetalum, Cleisostoma, Coelogyne, Corymborkis, Cottonia, Crepidium, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Didymoplexis, Dienia, Diplocentrum, Diploprora, Disperis, Epipogium, Eria, Eulophia, Flickingeria, Gastrochilus, Gastrodia, Geodorum, Goodyera, Habenaria, Hetaeria, Ipsea, Kingidium, Liparis, Luisia, Nervilia, Oberonia, Pachystoma, Paphiopedilum, Papilionanthe, Pecteilis, Peristylus, Phaius, Pholidota, Phreatia, Podochilus, Polystachya, Pomotocalpa, Porpax, Pteroceras, Rhynchostylis, Rhytionanthos, Robiquetia, Saccolabiopsis, Satyrium, Schoenorchis, Seidenfadeniella, Seidenfia, Sirhookera, Smithsonia, Spiranthes, Taeniophyllum, Tainia, Taprobanea, Thelasis, Thrixspermum, Thunia, Trias, Trichoglottis, Tropidia, Vanda, Vanilla, Xenikophyton, Zeuxine.

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