Orchid Cultivation for beginners

   ( Raveendran, Aarshasree Orchids can be consulted )Cultivation of Orchids here means growing orchids on commercial level. Orchids are grown according to their requirement of light, humidity and tolerable temperature. All tropical orchids can be grown in India. India itself has all the different temperature zones and altitude zones.  That means many commercial orchids can be grown in India if plants are selected carefully. Sikkim and other Northe Eastern states are growing Cool Orchids like Cymbidium, Ladies slippers and other suitable orchids, where as Southern staes especially Kerala is most suited for almost all the tropical orchids like Vanda hybrids, Arantheras, Mokaras, Arachnis,Arandas,Aeridachnis etc which are sunny plants and can be grown in open sunlight.Dendobiums and Oncidiums can be grown in partial shade under green house conditions.Phalaenopsis which are becoming popular now a days need more shade and low temperature perticularly low night temperature. Plants are selected according to the growing environment.
Among the mentioned orchids there are still many factors to be considered when plants are selected for commercial cultivation.
The major factors which make orchid cultivation more important are:
1. Orchids are more profitable than any other floriculture ventures.
2. The global acceptance for orchid flowers with royal status.
3. Once the method is known it is very easy to cultivate.
4. Once planted these need minimum after care and labour; just maintanance only.
5. Many commercial orchids are fast multiplied.
6. Even one man engagement is also possible for commercial cultivation.
7. Even with minimum area of land it is possible.
8. High demand for orchids. At present marketing of flowers and plants are not at all a problem.
9. This suits any entrepreuner who seeks status in activities.
10.Many orchid related side business are successful.
11. Orchid flowers as cut flowers are long lasting with more vase-life.
12. All colours, sizes and shapes suits any floral arrangement make orchids number one.
Main factors whch are to be taken care regarding Orchid cultivation are:
1. Wrong selection of Orchid plants without considering growing environment.
2. Light and shade consideration.
3. Differentiation of species orchids and hybrids.
4. Quality of planting material
5. Reliability about the variety of plants, as similar looking plants are many.
    Plants suitable for Commercial flower production.
1. Terete and semi terete Vandas. ( Early varieties still popular - New varieties are produced and coming to India.)
2. Arachnis ( Spider orchids early varieties still popular as Cut flowers with long spikes)
3. Arandas ( Cross of Arachnis and Vanda) -many colours are available. Very popular. New varietiesare coming in
4. Arantheras ( Cross of Arachnis with the famous red vanda named  Renanthera) - The most wanted cut flowers by hotels and florists. largest collection if        
                   India is in Kerala. Popular varieties are Annie Black, Mohammed hanif anf James storeii.
5. Mokaras ( Trigeneric hybrid of Arachnis, Vanda and Ascocenda)- Highly appreciated flourescent flowers, many varieties are available.
                  The most famous are Mokara Chakuan Pink,  Mok.Madam Panni, Mok.Singapore Red,Etc.
6. Similar plants like Aeridachnis, Kagawara, Renanthopsis etc are there.
7. Dendrobiums. There hundreds of varieties of various colour combinations. Should bre grown under semi shades on elevated shelves or to be hung from  
Vandacous Orchids: The mentioned vanda group plants all can be grown in open bers specially prepared for that on ground and support given for plants to keep them erect. The beds can be filled woth cocnut husk brick pieces and charcoal. Dried cowdung or chicken manure can be spread on the bed every 2 months.( see picture ) The plants grow straight giving new roots and leaves and flowers from the leaf axils. When over grown the top of the plants can be cut and planted like a new plant. The bottom stem will again produce new shoots and can be grown like that. Vanadceous orchids growth never ends and go on producing new cuttings. It is an one time investment for a life long business.
Phalaenopsis hybrids  are the recent popular orchids used as pot plants and table plants. They can grown in Green houses in cool area. The night low temperature is neccessary for flowering.
Sympodial Orchids:Dendrobiums,Oncidiums, cattleyas and terrestrial orchids like spathaglotis  all come under this category. These plants are producede from the bottom portion of the old plants and each growth stops at a certain length according to the variety. More and more new shoots from the bottom make plants bushy and they can be repotted after dividing them. Flowers are produced from the mature stems ( canes ) of dendrobiums and bottom leaf axils of Oncidiums
 Bed of Aranthera Annie Black
  Vandaceous flowers comparatively fleshy, large and long lasting.
Many are with long spikes of one meter. They much wanted in Hotels for arrangements and for functions and large decorations in halls and lobbys.
 Dendrobium flowers are globally accepted as they are light weighted and long lasting. Good for table , bouquet and garlands.
Local florist also need them.


 Asean countries produce more dendrobiums for cut flower trade. A well ventillated shade house or green house with bright light and not direct sunlight and good humidity not less than 45 % is a good environment for Dendrobium cultivation.  Unlike other orchids Dendrobiums grow very fast and Tissue cultured new varieties reach India regularly from Asean region. See our Consultancy page. www.aarshasree.com/Consultancy for small and big dendrobium projects. Any assistance is provided by Aarshasree Orchids team.

Dendrobiums need less space and can be accomodated in small plastic pots filled with chopped coconut husk and charcoal. Large raised beds can be prepared for large scale production. Both flowers and potted plants are in good demand.

 There proven varities for cut flower production.D.Sonia.D.Emma white, D. Thailand white,D.ThongchaiGold Etc. each varieties has many many clones too.

Phalaenopsis are good potted plants .Flowers lasting for many months in the plant, they are good table plants Taiwan within a decade has become the Capital of Phalaenopsis ie Butterfly orchids


Growth requirement
 Today there are  innumerable specialist books and practical guides, there is a wealth of reliable information available to anyone embarking on the cultivation of orchid plants. Success in growing orchids depends on giving proper consideration, regarding growing evnironment,watering and feeding.
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