You can log on to Konstella here.

The Orchard PTO has some exciting news. We are going to begin using a new website and phone app called Konstella for all of our PTO communication. Konstella will help you stay up to date with events and happenings that involve the PTO at Orchard School.

Using Konstella you will be able to:
  • See other members of your child’s class for the upcoming year
  • Access an online student directory and send private messages to other parents
  • View upcoming PTO events
  • Sign up for volunteer events
  • Join and participate in PTO committees
  • Process online payments for field trips, Orchard gear, and more!
This video has a high level introduction to the tool:

YouTube Video

How to register for Konstella
If the PTO has your email, we will send you an invitation to join by the end of June 2018.. Simply click the "Join" button in the email and follow the directions.

Alternatively, you can go to go to https://www.konstella.com/p/orchard and click the Request to Join button at the bottom of the page.

How to join a class room 
Once you have registered with Konstella the next step is to place your child in their classroom. This will allow you to see the other students in the class and stay in the loop
on classroom news. You will be able to do this when placement letters are received.

Web: Click Your Name in the top left corner. Click "Your Children" to add/modify your children.

Then click Join Classroom.

Select your childs new classroom teacher and click Select.

Mobile App: Click the Settings icon in the top left corner. Click "Your Children".

How to join a committee

Web: Click the green "Committees" link on the left-hand menu to browse the committees. Click on a committee and sign up or remove yourself.

Mobile App: *Supported on iOS, not on Android* Click the "Directory" tab at the bottom. Click "Browse Committees” to browse and sign up for the committees.

How to find parents in the directory
If you know the name you’re looking for, use the search box on top of the screen, type the name and you’ll easily find name of the person (parent, staff, teacher) you’re looking for and the information this person agreed to share (e.g., address, phone number, email)

If you’re looking for someone in a specific class or a staff member and you’re not sure of the name, click on Directory on the left side panel.

Then select the classroom you’re interested in or the staff (including teachers), and you will be able to see all the information this person has agreed to share (e.g., address, phone number, email) 

How to send a message to a group

Web: The left-hand menu shows all the groups you are in. Click the group, type in the text area to post a message. Or, click the + sign right next to “Private Messages” to create a new group.

Mobile App: The "Messages" tab at the bottom shows all the groups you are in. Click any group to send messages. Or, click the + sign at the top right corner to create a new private group.

How to send a message to an individual

Web: Click the "+" sign right next to the "Messages" label on the left-hand menu.

Mobile App: On the “Messages” tab, click the "+" at the top right corner. Choose "Send a Private Message".

Mobile App 
You can install Konstella on Android and iPhone.

School Tab: Shows the announcements, events, and sign-ups in your school and classrooms.

Messages Tab: Shows the groups you are in and the messages in the groups.

Directory Tab: Allows you to look up parents, browse committees (iPhone), and Social Groups.Settings Icon in the top left corner: for account settings.

Some notes on using Konstella:
  • Please add konstella.com to your email program’s safe list.
  • Questions or issues? Please email Orchard PTO
  • Konstella is a secure site and your privacy is of utmost importance. You will control your privacy settings within the tool and decide what you would like to share with other parents. Your information will not be accessible to third parties. The school will continue to send official school wide announcements via their own tools.