A donation page to help Ora pay for vital living costs not covered by employment.

  • PayPal: You can make a PayPal payment by sending your donation to my email address. Make sure your page says, "Send money to friends and family," to avoid fees. This is not a business transaction in any way.

  • Mail Donation: Mail your check or cash donation. I do not have a public P.O. Box, so only those who know me can contact me via email to inquire about a mailing address.

  • Services Donation: These would be in-kind donations that are not money like gift cards to Hy-Vee or Aldi, BoostMobile Boost cards, auto mechanic services, payments on rent, etc.

  • Rent Alternative: Please contact Ora if you have recommendations for housing rentals at $600/month or less that fit the following: single, female, 35-50 age bracket, masters degree, no pets, minimal plants, baby grand piano requires elevator or ground-level entry, second floor or higher apartment preferred especially in low-lying areas. Required: private bath, private kitchen, non-smoking building, on site laundry, off street parking.

  • Vehicle Sale: If you have a good deal for a low-cost maintenance vehicle with mileage 120,000 miles or less (under 10 years old), please contact Ora. 

Following surgery in 2018, which used every cent of money and credit I had available to me, I am currently in debt. Thankfully most of it is not credit card debt as there were generous private loans offered to me. However, those loans still need to be paid off. Additionally, I have vital dental costs coming up and my vehicle desperately needs maintenance.

Current Needs:
  • Dental Expenses: $230 x 13 cavities (Mar, Apr, May 2019):  Estimate ~$2,990
  • Loan Payback for Medically Necessary Surgery (Jul 2018)Owe $3,381
  • Loan Payback for Emergency Vehicle Purchase (Jan 2018):  Owe $1,200
  • Loan Payback for Emergency Vehicle Purchase (Jan 2018):  Owe $1,300
Possible Future Needs:
  • Followup Surgery? Following the major surgery I had in 2018, there could possibly be a herniated area that didn't heal properly. Pain has never really subsided in that area. Unfortunately, my insurance company refused to cover this medically necessary surgery, and even if the surgeon would do it for free (which I'm not sure if they would), the time off, housing, and transportation costs are prohibitive. Until I can really get this looked at, I need to have the money to know I can do anything about it. Meanwhile, I just deal with low level pain from time to time if I move in the wrong direction.

  • Back Surgery? Due to scoliosis, I should really have my back evaluated by a physiatrist (a back doctor). I should probably have been wearing a brace for years. They have new 3D printed braces that look really cool, but I have no idea how to go about doing all this, let alone having any money to make it happen. I have no idea if health insurance would cover it and don't know how to ask or inquire without assistance in navigating the health insurance system. My insurance company has only ever denied me on anything I've asked them to cover.


Ora works full-time (40 hours) as an administrative assistant (wage position M-F weekdays, no health benefits). She also holds a second seasonal job on weekends from May through October, which offers an additional average 8 hours per week. Ora has maintained a detailed expense/income budget on Excel since 2006 to manage all finances including student loan debt. Her largest expenses are rent ($707/monthly) and student loans ($416.89/monthly). Rent is reasonable for in the area considering the necessities of: avoiding landlord neglect/abuse, maintaining mental health for a person on the autistic spectrum, and proximity to work.

Financial Goals:
  • Establishing personal savings funds for (in order of present priority needs):

    • Dental
    • Transportation: vehicle purchase, maintenance, and repairs
    • Medical
    • Devices/Appliances: phone, computer, humidifier for piano, television; and (presently provided) washer, dryer, microwave, and AC
    • Piano: purchase, maintenance, repairs (my piano being a necessary expense as a pianist)
As always, THANK YOU to all my donors!!

You are part of: 47 people from 15 states/provinces in 4 different countries!

All currency values on this page are in U.S. Dollars, however donations may be and have been accepted in other currencies.

Any donations given beyond the amounts listed here will be saved as capital for artistic supplies and expenses. Any excessive donations may be donated to Ora's charity of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do donors have their names posted on the website?  Donors' names are kept entirely confidential.

What is a gift?  A gift is something you give entirely without expectations. You give out of the generosity of your heart, and knowing that when you give the world a gift, the world gives back. I try to give back to the world as much as I can every day. My gift is being truly who I am, and sharing my personal gifts with the world whether they are music, wisdom, vision, fire, dancing, clarity, simplicity, art, advocacy, or other gifts. I do not offer anything directly in exchange for donations.

Can I buy a CD of your music?  Yes!! Absolutely. Please contact me to let me know if you would like a CD of my piano improvisations, my various instrumental compositions, or my electronic music. If you have specific pieces you would like included, please let me know. CDs are limited to 45 minutes of music for electronic content, one hour for piano improvisations, and 90 minutes for instrumental compositions. Cost is $20 + $10 for shipping/handling.

Can I order some cranes or origami?  Yes!! Absolutely. See my cranes ordering page.

Can I book a fire performance?  Yes!! Absolutely. Contact me and we'll discuss it. Base price is $100 per performance and must be scheduled after civil twilight (nighttime). Daytime non-fire "flow performances" may be offered for $50 per performance. Costume and music not guaranteed. If you have a local performance troupe in my area, I would love to join with other performers.

Have you written anything about your experience?  See my Writing page.

Can you educate me?  If you would like me to speak, see my Appearances, and then contact me. If you're a media representative and writing an article, yes, contact me directly. If you're a curious individual, I encourage you to use internet searches like DuckDuckGo or Google. There's loads of information on the web on topics I talk about.

Can I donate using BitCoin (or other virtual currency)?  Sorry, I'm not accepting this currency at this time. Any currency accepted by Paypal is valid for Paypal donations. United States currency or checks are also accepted. Other forms of currency or check accepted if over equivalent value of $1,000 USD (provided it can be converted and deposited).

Why don't you have a GoFundMe page, an IndieGoGo page, or a Kickstarter?  All of these firms take out a percentage of money from all donations (7.5% for GoFundMe), and many terminate the fund if there are periods of no activity. I've determined raising money independently more likely insures your money will go toward surgery, not processing fees for such websites. You can also donate via check or cash to me.

How do you store the money?  If not spent immediately for the intended purpose, funds are held in a savings account at a local credit union.

Why don't you get a job that pays more money?  I am always actively seeking exactly that. If you have serious full time job offers that fit my skills, you are welcome to contact me and peruse my resume. Also, I'm also trying to find ways to make my music, photography, art, fire, cranes, and other things work to my financial advantage on the side.

Why don't you use health or dental insurance?  I have health insurance, because my work reimburses me for it, but the insurance has an excessive deductible that rarely pays for any procedures beyond catastrophic expenses. It refused to pay for my surgery in 2018, even though it was medically necessary and illegal for them to deny me services. I did not have the funds or time to pursue legal recourse. In regards to dental insurance, I have not found a dental insurance that actually pays for the things I need worth the expense of the insurance. In short, it's a bad financial decision to use any dental insurance that I have researched.

Why not get your student loans forgiven?  Loan forgiveness has no effect on my private loans (as of Feb 2019 ~$20,000, payments at $340/month, est. payoff by May 2027). However, federal student loans can be forgiven after 25 years of faithful payment. Additionally, I qualify for non-profit sector forgiveness at my present job. As of February 2019, I have presently been employed for and faithfully paid 33 months out of the 120 months required for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. My federal loans as of Feb 2019 are around ~$64,000 with payments determined by the REPAYE program at $77/month (income-based repayment does not factor in private loans or expenses whatsoever).

Why don't you just [insert scheme here]?  While I understand poor ethical decisions are increasingly common in society these days, I am a person of integrity. I do not undertake any action or job that lacks that integrity, and I believe a person should survive honorably. I will not (and these have been literally suggested by other people, not me): accept money for illegal goods or services, raise money under false pretenses, threaten people with suicide, participate in illegal activity, or participate in substantial schemes of legal corporate raiding.

I have another question.  If you have read all of this, and I haven't covered it, I'm willing to hear it. Contact me.

Disclaimers: I am not responsible for checks or cash lost in the mail, or PayPal payments sent to the wrong address or otherwise lost. These donations are not a business transaction, are not a charitable donation to a tax exempt organization, nor are they tax deductible in any way. The current progress does not reflect my personal bank account balances. For security reasons, I will not disclose any other bank account information.