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Women's Christian Temperance Union Fountain

This fountain is located in the town of Orange, Massachusetts U.S.A.. 
Below are articles from the Orange Enterprise and Journal around raising funds for this fountain (researched by Rosemary Magee and Michael Magee, October 21, 2008)
  • March 8, 1901, "the W.C.T.U. meet with Mrs. G.A. Whipple to discuss future work to be done.  Those present voted to make an earnest effort to raise sufficient funds in addition to that already on hand, to purchase a public drinking fountain." 
  • May 10, 1901, "the W.C.T.U. announced their fall rummage sale."
  • June 7, 1901, "food sale next Friday at the Baptist vestry for public benefit."
  • October 18, 1901, "contributors to the W.C.T.U. rummage sale can have their articles called for by notifying Mrs. A. J. Fisher for the north side of town and Mrs. F. D. Kellogg for the south side of town. The sale is to begin at 9 a.m., Oct 22d, at the Memorial Hall and as the proceeds are to be used in purchasing a public ice-water fountain, patronage of all interested in the work of the W.C.T.U. is earnestly solicited.  Articles may be left at the hall Monday afternoon and evening."
  • April 18, 1902, "Remember the W.C.T.U. supper and entertainment tonight at the Baptist vestry.  Mr. Dixon, Mrs. F. A. Brazer, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Ford will give musical selections and Mrs. Emma Luce a recitation.  Supper and entertainment 25 cents, entertainment 10 cents.   Supper at 6:30.   Proceeds are to be used for a granite drinking fountain for the town."
  • February 13, 1903, "Announcement of supper with entertainment to be held on February 18th at the Congregational Church to benefit the fountain."
  • April 10, 1903 "A committee of the W.C.T.U. will meet the selectmen at their office tomorrow afternoon to consult over the location of the drinking fountain which is to be erected."
  • April 17, 1903 "A committee of the W.C.T.U. met the selectmen Saturday to discuss the location of the proposed drinking fountain.  While no action was taken, the opinion of those present was in favor of the grass plot just south of the bridge at the junction of South Main and Depot Streets."
  • May 22, 1903 "A new drinking fountain for both man and beast is being set on South Main street opposite Bingham's Block."
  • June 24, 1904 "The members of the W.C.T.U. are requested to meet at Mrs. Washburn's tonight, in order to proceed in a body to the fountain, where a short dedication service will be held at 7:30."
  • May 6, 1904 The New Drinking Fountain  "The new drinking fountain to be given to the town by the W.C.T.U. of Orange is nearing completion and as soon as received the foundation will be put in by the town and the fountain placed in position.  The fountain is to be set on West Main Street next to its junction with  South Main, on the north side of Lamb's Block.  The fountain is being constructed by the Troy White Granite Co. of Worcester and is of green and white Troy grainite.  The base is of green on which is another section of white.  This is surmounted by four pillars of polished green capped with a frieze of polished green on which are the words, "Women's Chrisitian Temperance Union," one word of the above on each of the four sides.  The top is of pyramid shape and is of polished white stone.  Two basins are cut in on the sides and have faucets for drinking purposes; another smaller basin below is for dogs, etc."
This is Lamb's block.  The fountain was located north of this on the other side of the street.  The building on the left is no longer there.  There is now parking for downtown businesses in this location.
  • June 24, 1904 "The members of the W.C.T.U. are requested to meet at Mrs. Washburn's tonight, in order to proceed in a body to the fountain, where a short dedication service will be held at 7:30."
  • July 1, 1904 "There was a short dedication service of the drinking fountain last Friday evening at 7o'clock.  Members of the W.C.T.U., town officials and citizens gathered around and Mrs. F. D. Kellogg in behalf of the town accepted the same.  A short poem was read by Mrs. A. J. Fisher and Rev. C. W. Collier made a few appropriate remarks. The services closed by three cheers for the W.C.T.U. in which everyone present heartily joined."