Get to Know Rob Williams

I'm scattered on the web so I made this one page to capture my online presence.

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me!

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I consider myself an amateur photographer. Besides taking photos I like to blog and keep up with what's going on around the web. So on the left are quick links to the places I keep updated.

I am deliberate in my choices. I'd rather work on a project that is already good and take it to great. I don't prefer to take a project from bad to mediocre. For me to improve a situation, I sort through potential solutions to find the best solution. I'm always asking the "What happens if..." question (to myself and of others) helping me to anticipate potential outcomes and be able to break the situation down into a simplified explanation. Once I've made a decision I want to see it to completion because I'm driven by being helpful and dependable. I know my strengths and want to work with others who know theirs. We all fit together in the overall picture and I work best when we're all doing our part.

Though I've been involved in online communities since 1995 (the AOL days), since 1999 I have worked in one field: the internet.  The niche I covered within this field has changed every few years.  I started as a web designer, then moved into the fields of web marketing, internet strategy, and application of new generation web applications (Web 2.0) of the social web to overall communication strategies.

I like to be involved in projects where I can plan, lead, participate, cast vision and make a solid difference while not being limited to being a consultant.  My desire is to not just be a "web guy".  I'm not a techie.  I approach strategy and communications from the angle of understanding the audience and adapting our communications to them in whatever formats and frequency is appropriate (however I have a strong understanding and experience of marketing and using the web).

Currently I live in Orlando, Florida, USA. If you want to contact me, you can email me directly at orangejack [at] gmail [dot] com.