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Agro-Processing Laboratory


The Agro-Processing Laboratory

The Orange Hill Agro Processing Laboratory is jointly operated by Taiwan Technical Mission and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.


The major focal point of the laboratory is to diversify the agriculture items into different form of processed products. For the past few years, it has been in the production of dehydrated fruit (jujube, carambola, sweet potato), concentrated juice (passion fruit, lemonade, ginger), chips (green banana, sweet potato and bread fruit), ground spices (hot pepper and ginger) and ice cream (passion fruit and mango). These products with an annual production capacity of about two thousand pounds (2,000) satisfy the local market and the revenue will be reinvested into the fund for sustainability.


Additional objectives of agro-processing projects in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is that the agro-processing lab also coordinates with local food companies to upgrade their quality, improve the layout so that it matches international standards. Understanding food technology is very important for this project, therefore, we have organized some workshops to educate local processors and students with the aim of strengthening their concept.



To emphasize the value added benefit of agriculture items to SVG farmers by making use of surplus produce in an eco-friendly production environment while meeting GMP, ISO and HACCP standards.



 1. Opening introduction

   History of agro processing lab-2005 December

   The definition of agro processing-value added

   The advantages of agro processing-extent shelf life

   Marketing strategy of processed food-good packaging


 2. Equipment introduction:

   Key points of food industry-temperature, time and weight control

   The methodology of processing machine-heating, frying, soaking, cooling and freezing

   Linkage of processing machine-machine layout


 3. Product introduction

All the products are display at cabinet which are include:

a. Dehydrated fruit- to classify of dehydrated fruit and the theory of processing.

b. Powder product- the use of powder-seasoning or drink.

c. Jam and jelly- substance of gelling power and co factors’ guidance.

d. concentrated juice- to categorized the juice products-fresh drink, 100% drink and diluted drink.

e. Chemicals and ingredients-structure enhancer, stabilizer, preservatives and so on.




The main task of the Taiwan Technical Mission-Agro Processing Lab is to offer technical support to food companies in SVG, to enhance the structure of these companies in order to increase the profits of private sector and stimulate the agro business industry, by upgrading production, focusing more on quality control and matching the international standards


The farmers, by reducing waste of fruit and vegetables, will not only realize revenue but also learn how to meet global market demand while at the same time generate added benefits to the food and the packaging industry.