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None of the volunteer opportunities are labor intensive and existing chairpersons are ready to walk you through jobs.
If you are interested or would like more information
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Lunch Duty:
First lunch    (6th and half of 7th) 
Regular Day 10:51 - 11:18
Late Start Wednesday 11:48 - 12:15

Second lunch  (8th and half of 7th
Regular Day 11:55 - 12:22
Late Start Wednesday 12:33 - 1:00
Sign up with 
Deborah Nevins, 
our lunch coordinator at dnev4gr8girls@yahoo.comHang out in the Commons with the kids at lunch time.  The duty is light but the extra supervision helps things run smoothly. Witness first-hand the social phenomenon that is a middle school lunch break.  Sign up once per month or more frequently. There are two lunch periods.  Half of seventh grade will lunch with 6th grade students; the other half with 8th grade students.  This means shorter lunch duty, but more kids at each one.  Sign up for the fun now!

Beyond Bread
February 5, 2014 
4pm - 8pm
Time for our next dine out
(or take it home) event.
It will be held at Beyond Bread,
the Oracle and Ina location. 
No Flyer necessary. Be sure to tell the cashier you are there to support OGMS.

 FFO Meetings
General Assembly 
 4th Thursday of each month*
*Check the OG FFO Calendar page for any deviations to this regular schedule (i.e. Thanksgiving week,Winter Break, Rodeo week, etc)

January 23, 2014
February 27, 2014
March 27, 2014
April 24, 2014
100% Panther Pride 
Fundraising Campaign
 Be sure to check out our
 page for more information. 

Do You Want to Receive Updated Info on your PHONE from OGMS?
Receive reminders about the school day, schedule changes, letters being sent home and important calendar reminders.

Send a text to:                  (469)208-5542
In the message type:        @ogparent
Press:                                Send

The Purpose of the FFO
The objective of the Orange Grove Middle School Family Faculty Organization--a 501(c)(3) organization-- is to generate funds for materials, programs and events that will enrich the learning environment of our students.  Our network of dedicated parent volunteers works with school administrators, faculty and students to provide quality experiences and activities; promote the welfare of children attending Orange Grove; inform all stakeholders of issues affecting the Orange Grove community; and solidify the relationship between home and school in an effort to provide a quality middle school education for our students. 
The OGMS Family Faculty Organization (FFO) welcomes you and invites you to get to know your school through our FFO.  Attend our monthly meetings.  Join a committee.  Help out with a fundraiser.  There are many ways for you to connect with your school. 

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