Toro Peak

Toro Peak has two nodes.  Both are Ubiquiti Rockets (one M2 the other M5) connected to 120 degree sector antennas with RF armor. The 5 GHz node points North towards Palm Springs while the 2.4 GHz node points North East towards Indio.

Note: when viewing the coverage map, keep in mind that the antennas are 120 sector antennas, not omni antennas.

If you set up a permanent node that connects to one of these nodes and you have internet access and would be willing to set up a tunnel back to the greater Orange County mesh, please contact Don Hill, KE6BXT at (714) 345-1114 or

K6AH also has a node at Snow Peak that covers Palm Springs.
It is on channel 162, 10MHz channel width.

Toto Peak