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Winlink Client Programs

Check the Winlink Live System Information.

Compare Client programs at this link.

Winlink Speeds

Following are approximate air times needed to transfer a 
4K message (after compression) for several modes of operation, 
under ideal conditions:
Packet (1200) direct 2 minutes
Packet (1200) 1 Node 2.5 minutes
Packet (9600) direct   1 minute
Pactor 1              15 minutes
Pactor 2               4 minutes
Pactor 3              30 seconds
Pactor 4              15 seconds
WINMOR 500            10 minutes
WINMOR 1600            3 minutes
AREDN Mesh               seconds
Telnet (Internet Access) seconds

Connecting your Winlink system to your mesh node

Procedures for connecting your Winlink system to you mesh node are being written.  Schematics will also be posted.

In the mean time you can contact Joe Ayers, AE6XE, who has connected the Mission Viejo RACES Winlink system to the mesh nodes at the Mission Viejo City Hall.