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Ham-Chat / MeshChat

Ham-Chat is now obsolete

Ham-Chat is an internet based chat (text) program where several users could text each other using their computers connected to the internet, but it worked just as well if you used a mesh network to replace the internet connection.

We recommend that you DO NOT USE Hamchat! If you are using HamChat on a mesh node please uninstall it and install MeshChat for chat and file sharing capabilities.


Just when you think you have found a cool application to run on your node a new and BETTER application comes along that blows the old application out the window.

Of course, I am talking about MeshChat.

The cool things about MeshChat (over HamChar) are:
     1. It checks for other nodes that are running MeshChat and auto syncs with them.
     2. If you need to reboot your node you don't loose the MeshChat history provided there is another node on the mesh that has the Mesh Chat history that your node can re-sync with after re-booting.
     3. You can create custom Channels and you can Send a Message to that channel or Send a messages to the Everything channel.
     4. You can view Messages by Channel.  See only the messages that were posted to your channel or look at the Everything Channel to see all messages.
     5.  Check Mesh Chat Users to see who is currently logged into MeshChat (across the mesh) .  Easily click on a link to jump to the node status page of the node that other users are logged into.
     6. There is a Files tab that allows you to post files for others to download.
     7. There is a Status tab that shows the Last Sync date/time for each node on the mesh running MeshChat.

Click on this link to read the release nodes and download MeshChat.