Plug it in

Plug it in

One of the few remaining virtues of the old Linksys WRT54G is the ability to easily connect the node to the internet and connect up to four services without having to configure a VLAN switch.  It had a WAN port to connect to your home router to connect it to the internet and four LAN ports to connect your computer, camera, or phone (services).

The Ubiquiti airRouter (with AREDN firmware) provides a WAN port, a dtd port (for connecting to another node via cat5e), and three LAN ports (for connecting services).

The Ubiquiti (and TP-Link) line of products only have one (or sometimes two) Ethernet ports that serve the functions of both the WAN port, LAN ports, and also port(s) for configuring dtd (Direct To Device).

Fortunately, AREDN has written configuration files for the Netgear GS105E and GS108E and the Ubiquiti TS-5-POE switches and those configuration files are available here.  Make sure when buying the Netgear switches that you get the GS105E or GS108E and not the GS105 or GS108.  The E at the end of the model number signifies that it is a VLAN switch.

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