Advertise the Service

Advertising your service on the mesh

An example of an advertised service is the camera attached to KE6BXT-MVCH-M2R-NORTH-122-48-97 located on the roof of the Mission Viejo City Hall.  Below is an image from the Mesh Status page of that node.

But how did we add that advertisement to the node's Mesh Status Page and make it available to all the other nodes on the mesh?  Below is a snapshot of the the page used to create that advertisement. 

Click on the Settings button and then click on "Port Forwarding, DHCP, and Services". 

Look under Current DHCP Leases to see the IP address assigned to the camera.  Click on the Add button to move it up to the "DHCP Address Reservations" section where you can give it a Hostname.  After giving the camera a Hostname, Click on Add.  Now you can go to the Advertised Services section.  Enter the text for the clickable link in the Name field (in this case view_view because the username and password are both view), put a check mark in the Link box, select the camera's host name in the URL pull-down window. The two fields at the end of the URL field is for port number (usually 80 but could be different) and a specific page to go to (sometimes you may want to link to the camera setup page for instance).

Be sure to click on the Save Settings button.  You should get a  Configuration saved and is now active  message if all is ok.

Return to the Mesh Status screen by clicking first on the Node Status link and then the Mesh Status button.