Internet Tunneling

Internet Tunneling is a method to connect Mesh Islands together using the Internet.  Each AREDN Mesh Node has the capability to ether be a Tunnel Server, a Tunnel Client, or both a Tunnel Server and a Tunnel Server.

After flashing the AREDN firmware on your node you must install the Tunneling software before you can configure it.  Click on the Setup button to go to the Basic Setup page. Next, click on ether the Tunnel Server or Tunnel Client links.  If the Tunnel software has not yet been installed you will see one of the following messages:

If you do not have direct Internet access to the node you are attempting to install the Tunnel software onto, then you will not be able to download and install the Tunnel software at this time. You will get a Bad Gateway message.  Nobody wants to get a Bad Gateway message so go get Internet access.

 If you do have Internet access, then click on the "Click to install" button.  After installing the Tunnel software your Tunnel Server page will look something like this:

... and your Tunnel Client page will look something like this:

To configure a Server-Client pair you first need to configure the Tunnel Server and then you can configure the Tunnel Client.