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WNDW (Wireless Networking in the Developing World) a FREE e-book (PDF or  HTML)

Cameras on the Mesh

Software Services

MeshChat - Messaging for AREDN Mesh Networks

Other Orange County Mesh Groups:

Tri-Cities RACES (San Juan Capistano, Dana Point, & San Clemente)

Out of Orange County Mesh Nodes:

KJ4PVX-SERVER   - Henry G Billings, Jr.  Valrico, FL.

AC5CV-QTH  - John Chamberlain, Waco, TX.

Out of Orange County Mesh Groups:

This is a support resource for amateur radio HSMM mesh networking 
in the pacific northwest region of the USA. 

Wisconsin Mesh Network Experimenters.
Amateur Radio operators experimenting with the Broadband-Hamnet
on a variety of hardware using a variety of applications

The New Mexico Mesh Networking reflector exists to provide information on amateur radio mesh networking activities in and around New Mexico. This independent reflector is not affiliated with any group or organization. Subscribers are encouraged to collaborate and share mesh network-related information to help new and existing users gain information about the technology, setup and operations, applications, best practices, and more.

Northwest Amateur Radio Society, Houston, TX.

Clark County, WA

Williamson County Amateur Radio Operators that 
have an interest in creating a microwave link "Mesh" network. 

Atlanta, GA



Broadband-Hamnet(tm), formerly HSMM-Mesh(tm), 
experimentation in the Queen Creek and San Tan Valley area 
of the Phoenix Valley Arizona.

Mesa, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Northern Utah


Las Vegas, NV


Bellbrook, Ohio

Mesh Documents:

Tools for computing Line-of-sight and generating Coverage Maps:

The New York City Mesh Network  Map  (Not an Amateur radio mesh network)

Compliance issues:

All 5 GHz unlicensed national information infrastructure (U-NII) devices operating in the 5.25-5.35 GHz and 5.475-5.725 GHz bands must have Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) radar detection capability which allows them to detect the presence of radar systems and avoid co-channel interference.

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