Using mesh networks to support public events

We have supported three public events in Orange County in the last two years.

The first was a bicycle race called Vision Quest.  For that event we deployed four nodes.  Two of the nodes had pan/tilt cameras attached, and one of the nodes connected to our hub that acted as a relay to two HAM QTH's with internet access.  Using the internet access allowed for remote monitoring of the node status and viewing of the cameras.

The second event was the Christmas lighting ceremony in San Juan Capistrano. For that event we deployed five nodes. Four of the nodes had cameras attached and the fifth node was the monitoring station with a laptop and external monitor for monitoring all cameras.  The Orange County Sheriff was so impressed that we were asked to provide a mesh network for video streaming for the Swallows Day Parade

The third event was the Swallows Day Parade in San Juan Capistrano.  For that event we deployed ten nodes and six cameras.  The cameras were monitored in the Orange County Sheriff's Mobile Command Center (MCC).  Read more in this article.