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Don's and Joe's Bios

Mesh Networks for Amateur Radio

Bio - Don Hill KE6BXT
Don Hill, KE6BXT

Don Hill, KE6BXT  received his Technician Ham licence 2001 and upgraded to Extra in 2007. 

He is best known for his active involving Amateur Television (ATV). He served as President of the Amateur Television Network for five years, and has appeared on HamNation multiple times talking about ATV and has been the United States hub for the Digital Amateur Television QSO Party that is held each year with Australia.

His interest in MESH networking for Ameteur Radio was kindled after reading the July 2013 article in QST magazine that highlighted how Broadband-Hamnet could be used to set up video links using a Ham Radio IP network.

Don was the first Ham between San Diago and Los Angles to start experimenting with Broadband-Hamnet and together with Joe (AE6XE) has been working hard to make other Hams aware of this mode of Ham Radio.

Don is the founder of the Orange County Mesh Organization and the webmaster of


Bio - Joe Ayers AE6XE
Joe Ayers, AE6XE

Joe Ayers, AE6XE  has been a Ham Radio enthusiast since 1975.
His career has been in Product Development and is currently working for Schneider Electric helping to create digital control systems to automate Industrial Plants.

His interest in MESH networking started in 2013 and today is a member of the AREDN Development team working to add features to the firmware that make the mesh networking possible.


NVCON 2016
Hour one:
An introduction to high speed mesh networking for Amateur Radio
Don Hill, KE6BXT, and Joe Ayers, AE6XE will give an overview of 
mesh networking for Amateur Radio and how it is being deployed in Orange County, California by the Orange County Mesh Organization

Hour two:
Hands on mesh networking
Don Hill, KE6BXT, and Joe Ayers, AE6XE return for a second hour to demonstrate how to load the AREDN firmware onto a mesh node, turning an off-the-shelf Ubiquiti Wi-Fi device into a self discovering and self routing mesh node.  They will also demonstrate how to load "services" such as cameras, telephones, or web servers to a mesh node to be shared with other users on the mesh.