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Don's and Joe's Schedule

Don Hill (KE6BXT) and Joe Ayers (AE6XE) have given a number of presentations to HAM radio clubs and organizations.  If you would like Don and/or Joe to give a presentation or Mesh demo to your organization just send one of us (or both of us) an email stating your groups name, when you wold like the presentation/demo and we will do our best to work you into our schedule.

Past presentations:
Sep 15, 2014: SOARA - South Orange Amateur Radio Association
Nov  6, 2014: Laguna Woods ARC W6LY
Nov  7, 2014: Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach
Nov 22, 2014: PAPA System

Jan  16, 2015: OCARC - Orange County Amateur Radio Club
Feb 19, 2015: West Coast Amateur Radio Club
Oct 17, 2015: EC-001 (AREDN Demo slot)
Oct 19, 2015: SOARA - South Orange Amateur Radio Association
Nov   2, 2015: HBRACES - Huntington Beach RACES
Nov 19, 2015: Brea RACES
Nov 21, 2015: The PAPA System

Jan 17-23: AREDN demo at Quartzfest
Jan 30:  SATERN -  Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
Apr 29-May 1:  NVCON, the ARRL Convention in Las Vegas, NV.
June 14, 2016: Placentia
July 8, 2016  Site servay at JPL
July 16, 2016 Ventura County MESH group meeting
July 16, 2016 Mesh testing event in Fountian Valley
July 23, 2016  Site install at JPL
Aug 15, 2016  SOARA Fair
Sep 10, 2016   Mesh Saturday Laguna Niguel
Sep 16, 2016  OCARC - Orange County Amateur Radio Club
Sep 25, 2016 Mesh Q&A in Gilleran Park in Mission Viejo
Oct 11, 2016  AREDN presentation to Anaheim RACES
Oct 21, 2016   Jet Propulsion Laboratory Amateur Radio Club (
Oct 22, 2016   Vision Quest Mountain Bike Race 2016
Nov 15, 2016  AREDN/ at the Multi-Agency Regional Radio Interoperability Training Exercise (MARRITE)

Jan 22-28 AREDN demo at QuartzFest
Feb 8, 2017 AREDN presentation to  IDEC (Irvine Disaster Emergency Communications)
Feb 17-18, 2017 Yuma hamfest. (Andre Hansen (K6AH) will be presenting)
Mar 2-5, 2017 AREDN demo at the 15th Southern California Linux Expo SCALEX 15x
Mar 30-Apr 2  AREDN presentation to NVCON, the ARRL Convention in Las Vegas, NV.
Aug 17, 2017  AREDN presentation in Victorville
Aug 18, 2017  OCARC - The Orange County Amateur Radio Club
Aug 21, 2017  AREND boot at the SOARA Fair
Sep 2, 2017  AREDN presentation to VA Long Beach Amateur Radio Club
                                         Certificate of Appreciation

AREDN presentation to Big Bear Amateur Radio Club