ATV Repeaters and AREDN Nodes

Points of contact for frequency coordination

Don Hill, KE6BXT,, (714) 345-1114
Mike Collis, WA6SVT,              Note 1.
Keith Kasin , AI6BX,     Note 2.
Paul Strauss, WD6EBY,   Note 3.
Eric Satterlee, KG6WXC,      Note 4.
Orv Beach, W6BI,

1.  Has ATV repeaters at Mt. Wilson, and Snow Peak
2.  Has mesh nodes at Snow Peak
3.  Has mesh nodes at Mt . Wilson
4.  Has mesh nodes in Port Hueneme near Oxnard

Santiago Peak ATV repeater has 5910 MHz (20MHz BW) TX as well as White Tank in Arizona.
Snow Peak, Jobs Peak, Oat Mountain, Mt. Wilson, and Santa Barbara (Rattle Snake Pass just above Gibralter Pk) Mesa, AZ all have RX 5910 MHz.