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Cordes, John C.

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John C. Cordes - Orange County is fortunate in the number of its real estate representatives who themselves own and operate property, so that they are the better able to judge of realty values and rightly, and honestly to forecast the future of one of the most favored and promising sections in the entire state. Such a man is John C. Cordes, who was born near Bremen, in Hanover, Germany, on May 25, 1863, and reared on a fruitful North Herman farm until he came out to the still more alluring America. He was about twenty-five when, in 1888, he first began to assimilate himself with the life and ideals of the young Republic; and for a while he worked for a farmer in Iowa. Later, he bought 285 acres in Iowa County, Iowas, which he so improved that he easily became one the most successful farmers of that county.

In 1904 he came to California and Anaheim, an soon after pitching his tent here, entered the filed of realty, and so welcome was he in an environment very congenial to him from the first, that he has ever since handled Anaheim and other real estate. He really came to California for his health; but he found that, after opening his office at 171 West Center Street, his activities contributed to, rather than mitigated against, his improvement, and he found recreation in a line of trade in which he had a chance to contribute toward both the building up and the upbuilding of the town.

Mr. Cordes also owns the famous Captain Henry estate, one of the well-known show-places hereabouts - a ten-acre ranch located on the County Road, and highly improved with Valencia oranges. He had, besides, five and a half acres of an orange grove within the city limits, on West Street. This is one of the best producers in the county, and he sold it for $35,000, the highest price paid for a five-acre tract thus far. The 1919 crop was about 3,000 boxes. He owned the brick block on East Center Street now occupied by the Puritan Dry Cleaning Company, but he traded it for the five and a half acres just described. He is a stockholder in the Anaheim Citrus Fruit Association, and also in the Mutual Orange Distributors Association.

While in Germany, Mr. Cordes was married to Miss Annie Steurman, who died in 1919, leaving many to mourn her demise. They had 10 children, and none is still living- Lena, Herman, henry, Katie, Alfred, William, Annie, Alma and Linda. Mr. Cordes has for years been president of the Concordia Singing Society, and he is now an alderman in the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. He belongs to Anaheim Lodge No. 1345, B. P. B Elks. In every way, Mr. Cordes and his family have been progressive, public-spirited, patriotic citizens, proving themselves a splendid example of the combination of ideals and attainments in more than one race or people.


History of Orange County by Armor

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