FMR - Full Mouth Rehabilitation / Reconstruction

What do you mean by full mouth rehabilitation / reconstruction / FMR?

FMR involves a combination of dental services tailored to the specific needs of an individual to ensure that he / she has a complete set of teeth which are stable, functional and esthetically appealing. FMR contributes to the facial harmony of the individual in addition to enhancing the physical and psychological well-being of the individual. The end result of FMR procedures will be a dynamic and healthy smile. However, the methodologies adopted to achieve the end result for each case will be unique as every case will be different. Meticulous planning of the case is essential and the plan should be discussed with patients prior to commencement of procedures. At SmileCentre, Dr Prasanth Pillai generally prepares the treatment plan after making relevant Xrays, photographs and models and discusses with patients in detail before starting treatment.

* FMR with crowns / crowns & bridgework