Oraculum Lux: Bedtime Stories from Futures Past

The Oracle of Light would like to tell you a story.

Once upon a future, far far from now, the human species has found itself at a crossroads in its evolution.  Having long since overcome all the great limitations imposed upon them by their originary geophysics and biopsychology, humanity is left with one final frontier...their own collective imagination.  For eons humans had used words to convey their greatest hopes and fears but now, with all hope realized and fear overcome they find they have run out of stories to tell.  In search of inspiration, the Oracle has come back, to our time,  to relive and retell our futures past and hopefully regain some of the innocence we lost along the way.  

Come join us as the Oracle reads science fiction tales written by, about, or for children and young adults for the enjoyment of all...and the salvation of humankind.

What is Oraculum Lux?

Oraculum Lux is an installation designed to evoke the feeling of being read a bedtime story from the future.  

Raised upon a dais in a darkened corner of the Viscusi Gallery at the New York Hall of Science, a glowing pedestal supports an Oracle fair to see and breathtaking to behold.  Her eyes reflect the shimmering light of fiber optic clothing as smoke pours out from around her feet and spills down onto the floor below.  Her voice, transformed by computer effects, will refract and converge as she reads selected works of science fiction written by aspiring science fiction authors.  

In between hourly readings the creators or Oraculum Lux will explain the engineering of the installation and discuss the importance science education to the visual and literary arts.


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  • The Website is Up! We should have all functionality at this point...so feel free to browse and critique at will.  More to come.
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