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Oracle SOA Suite - Team Blog Mugshot_48x48_square



Demed L'Her

Simone Geib

David Shaffer

Heidi Buelow
Blog from the SOA Suite PM team. Follow us to learn about our favorite features in the product, tips & tricks, opinions - and don't hesitate to comment to give us feedback on both the product and the articles!
Oracle BPM SOA Blogs - Oracle Wiki Manoj Das
Prasen Palvankar

Thoughts, news, tips on Oracle BPM and BPA Suite

SOA Partner Adoption Kress_square Jürgen Kress In this blog we want to update you about our SOA Partner activities.
Who is an Oracle SOA partner? How to become an Oracle SOA partner?
How the become an Oracle certified SOA partner?
Clemens Utschig's SOA BPM blog Clemens_ll_square Clemens Utschig-Utschig Some 'more, in-depth' information on Oracle BPEL PM, ESB and other SOA, day2day things
Grant Ronald's blog Grant Ronald Grant Ronald News from the SOA, JEE, ADF, JDeveloper and Oracle Forms World
Mastering SOA Mysmall_square Mike van Alst Sharing my thoughts and experiences on Service Oriented Architecture. SOA is becoming more and more mainstream, but still has a long way to go in maturity.
Experts in SOA, BPEL, ESB and BPM
YenloSenior employees of Yenlo, powered by Ruben van der ZwanYenlo, expert in BPM, SOA, BPEL and ESB solutions writes on daily basis on their findings around the Orcale technology stack with a strong focus on the Oracle SOA and BPM suite. Our senior staff exists of SOA experts with a lot of project experience. Technic, tips&tricks, and best practices!
SOA, EDA, BPEL, BAM - The Blog Winterberg_avatar_100_132_square Torsten Winterberg Here you read something around the topics: Java, J2EE, SOA, BPEL, ESB, BAM, CEP, Oracle, SOA Suite, BPA Suite...
Approach Weblog. Lonneke_square

Lonneke Dikmans

Ronald van Luttikhuizen
Here your can read about Architecture, SOA/BPM, User Experience, etc.
IT-eye blog.


Eric Elzinga

Andrej Koelewijn

Mike van Alst
Articles about BI, SOA, Web2.0 and other info about the latest topics
iAdvise blog. Img_2601_square


Frederik Vallaeys
Nathalie Roman

Jan Huyzentruyt

Olivier Dupont

Frederik Vallaeys
Articles and topics about Jdeveloper,J2EE, SOA, BPEL, ESB, and other SOA and Oracle technology
Alex Toussaint's Blog Alextoussaintmix_square Alex Toussaint BPM Studio components: Oracle BPM, BPEL PM, BAM, Rules, and Web Center
Platform Technology Solutions LAD
PTS Team

Felipe Pontes
The main idea of this blog is create a new link between you partner and ORACLE on focus to publish news, tech materials, articles, technical events, and share experiences
SOA Governance@work
Dave Berry

Cathy Lippert

Musings on Fusion Middleware and SOA Photo Antony Reynolds Antony Reynolds
German Oracle Fusion Middleware Blog juergenmenge



Jürgen Menge

Detlef Müller

Kersten Mebus

Michael Bräuer

Development Tools Matthias Wessendorf's Weblog
Matthias Matthias Wessendorf
Logica Blogging about Software Development
Run like Hell SOA Blogs - Oracle Wiki Dietrich Schroff GIP
Java / Oracle SOA Blog Me_square Edwin Biemond begin_of_the_skype_highlightingend_of_the_skype_highlighting
Blog about Oracle technology Pool_square Andrejus Baranovskis
SOA@Oracle BPEL & ServiceBus
Marc Kelderman
Deltalounge Peterpaul01_square Peter Paul van de Beek
Oracle SOA Suite

Lara Fernandes
Adventures in SOA and BPM Bild_hajo_normann_square Hajo Normann Adventures along the journey towards enterprise SOA and BPM. With a flavor of Oracle.
There's always a new dimension!
Karthik Rajasekaran
SOA 24/7 My Photo Mark Simpson Griffiths Waite Sharing my views and experiences of SOA and BPM
Chris Tomkins' Blog Chris_square Chris Tomkin
Oracle Fusion Middleware for PeopleSoft
Oracle .. Java .. OpenSource .. SOA
Eric Elzinga

Mihai Munteanu
The World of SOA and EDA Maneesh_joshi_2_square Maneesh Joshi Strategic and business considerations to SOA and EDA.
Oracle BPM
Meera Srinivasan
Eduardo Chiocconi
Manoj Das
Thoughts, news, tips on Oracle BPM and BPA Suite
SOA Today My Photo Jordan Braunstein a practical guide to simplifying the SOA paradigm
Oracle Fusion Middleware - B2B SOA Blogs - Oracle Wiki Ramesh Nittur
Dheeraj Madai
Sinkarbabu Kirubanithi
Krishnamoorthy Dharmalingam
Nandagopal Srinivasan
Nitesh Jain
This blogs is intended to share and learn about Oracle B2B Integration Product, its protocol offering and various Best practices. Please send a mail to if you would like to contribute in this blog.
Stefan's SOA & Enterprise Architecture Blog Skoser_small_square Stefan Koser Stefan is a leading architect within Oracle Consulting. He has more than 10 years experience in delivering complex projects on Oracle platforms. Since 1997 he has specialized in J2EE and middleware. Since 2004 Stefan is architecting complex SOA solutions.
Enterprise Architecture at Oracle Mandip [Mans] Bhuller

Art, Artifacts, and Best Practices for Enterprise Architects

Oracle SOA

Older Blog on SOA
My Photo Swapnil Sawe My experience with Oracle SOA Suite
Richard Veryard on SOA My Photo Richard Veryard In which we explore how service-oriented architecture and related technologies are driven by the requirements of a viable service-based business.Richard Veryard is the Director of the Next Practice Research Initiative
Shay Shmeltzer's Weblog SOA Blogs - Oracle Wiki Shay Shmeltzer

Tips and information about Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF

The Official AIA Blog aia_bus.jpg

Oracle Application Integration Architecture team

Oracle AIA Development team's perspective on AIA, implementation practices, SOA and other topics related to Enterprise Application Integration.
Berthold Maier WebLog Berthold Maier Berthold Maier Infos around Architecture, SOA, JEE, ADF, OpenSource
Oracle Fusion Blog
Ram This blog is all about SOA mainly on Oracle Fusion(Oracle BPEL,B2B,ESB,BAM and ODI).
SOA Press Blog Charlie Isaacs Head Shot Charlie Isaacs SOA and other topics of interest. Covering the major shows and user conference meetings.
Björns Blog Björn Bröhl Björn Bröhl Info`s about Fusion Middleware, Database, OEL and OVM
Tom Höfte SOA/Java blog tomhofte id= Tom Höfte This blog is all about SOA and Java using Oracle Technology
Enjoy IT – SOA, Java, Event-Driven Computing and Integration Guido Schmutz Guido Schmutz Sharing my thoughts and experiences on SOA, Java in the Enterprise, Event-Driven Computing and Integration in the Enterprise
burton Group Application Platform Blog SOA Blogs - Oracle Wiki Anne Thomas Manes
AIA Community Deutschland Hans Viehmann Hans Viehmann This blog focusses on thoughts and experience around the Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) and is intended to be an information platform for the German customer and partner community - in German language
Oracle Fusion and SOA

Ignus Geyer This blog is about my experience with Fusion and SOA
Léon Smiers Blog Mijn foto Léon Smiers Blog around Software Engineering, SOA and Oracle
SOA & Middleware [Newgrange.jpg] Niall Commiskey tips & tricks for the Oracle SOA platform
Oracle Fusion Middleware A-Team Security Blog
Josh Bregman
Brian Eidelman
Chris Johnson
Alex Lopez
As members of the Fusion Middleware Architecture Group (a.k.a the A-Team), we get exposed to a wide range of challenging technical issues around security and Oracle Fusion Middleware. We're using this blog to answer common questions and provide interesting solutions to the real-world scenarios that our customers encounter every day
Fusion/SOA Blog
GeorgeThomas Sharing experiences with Fusion -SOA/SCA
Blog About SOA
Pierluigi Riti A simple blog to talk about SOA, architectures, technologies and all that
revolves around SOA
This is Ahmed's Oracle Fusion Middleware Blog SOA Blogs - Oracle Wiki Ahmed Aboulnaga Between this blog, but mostly through my technical notes website (at, the solutions provided are primarily meant to save you from having to go through the pains I did when resolving implementation issues in the past.
Andreas Adventures Andreas Chatziantoniou Andreas Chatziantoniou SOA and Fusion Middleware, plus some DBA stuff and other interesting snippets.
Enterprise Software Development with Java Markus Eisele aka myfear Markus Eisele This is a blog about software development for the enterprise. It focuses on Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE/Java EE). Beside this, I blog about Fusion Middleware, SOA, Oracle Weblogic and GlassFish Server and other technologies that hit my road.
David Chappell Oracle Blog Daveoceannoshades2_square David Chappell
Rolando Carrasco Oracle Radio Rolando Rolando Carrasco Oracle Radio is the place for Fusion Middleware in Spanish. For the last 3 years Juan Camilo Ruiz and Rolando Carrasco has been writting around ADF and SOA. If u need anything in spanish, u will get it there.
Rajesh Raheja - Blog on SOA, AIA and enterprise software technologies Rajesh Raheja Rajesh Raheja Blog about enterprise software technologies, including Oracle SOA and AIA.
Oracle SOA Best Practice And Troubleshooting

The Orkestrate SOA News and Blog pageGlenn GalangGlenn GalangOrkestrate's News and Blog page on Integration, SOA and Event Driven SOA (SOA 2.0)
SOA, EAI, BPM, Oracle, Cordys, Agile My PhotoRoger van de KimmenadeI use the blog to share my experience and personal opinion within the SOA/EAI/BPM domain.
Mark NelsonMusings on Integration with Oracle Fusion Middleware
Andrade.inf Blog My PhotoRafael Andrade Sharing lessons learned in the development of process-oriented solutions