Oracle EBTax BR100 Setup Document

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# Setup Component Module Type
1 Geography Structure Definition TCA Manual
2 Geography Validations TCA Manual
3 Loading Geography TCA Program
4 Compiling Geographies - HR_LOCATIONS & HZ LOCATIONS TCA Manual
5 Define Class Categories & Codes for Fiscal Classfiations TCA Manual
6 INV- PO Ship to Locations as per the requirements doc INV Manual
7 Define Inventory Category Set and Category  INV Manual
8 EBTax Profile Options eBT Manual
9 Define Configuration Owner Options eBT Manual
10 Enable Taxes for PO Event Types and Disable for AR Events eBT Manual
11 Define Tax regimes eBT Manual
12 Define Taxes eBT Manual
13 Define Tax Liability Accounts  eBT Manual
14 Define Tax Status eBT Manual
15 Define Tax Jurisdictions eBT Manual
16 Define Tax Rates eBT Manual
17 Define Tax Rules (Defaults) * eBT Manual
18 Define Product Classification eBT Manual
19 Define Party Classification eBT Manual
20 Define Tax Determining Factor Sets eBT Manual
21 Define Tax Condition Sets eBT Manual
22 Country Defaults  eBT Manual
23 Application Tax Option - Tax Hierarchy eBT Manual
24 Payable Options - Automatic Offsets Accounts AP/PO Manual
25 Tax Tolerance & Tax Variance AP Manual
26 Supplier Party Tax Profiles AP Program
27 Supplier Setup AP Program
28 Tax Authorities - Legal Entity Manager GL Manual