Oracle R12 E-Business Tax (EBTax) Implementation Resources

This site contains various Oracle R12 E-Business Tax (EBTax) Implementation Resources required for Implementation Consultants along with various SDLC templates and Various PPT's including the below
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You will find the following categories of information on this Site.
  • Configuration / BR100 Setup Documents
  • R12 EBTax Presentations
  • Solution Design Documents
  • Production Cutover Templates
  • EBTax Upgrade Considerations
  • US Sales and Use Tax - Setup Considerations
  • Canada VAT & Recovery - Setup Considerations
  • Latin Tax Engine - (Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil)
  • EU - VAT Setups (France, Germany, Romania, Italy)
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The Oracle E-Business Tax Solution

E-Business Tax provides a single point solution for managing your transaction-based tax requirements. E-Business Tax uniformly delivers tax services to all E-Business Suite business flows through one application interface. As a global system architecture, E-Business Tax is configurable and scalable for adding and maintaining country-specific tax content.

E-Business Tax Components

Component Function
Tax Content Services This component addresses the creation, maintenance, and management of tax content.
Tax Content Repository This component contains master and reference setup data. Data created via Tax Content Services is stored in the Tax Content Repository.
Tax Service Request Manager This component manages the access to all tax data and services, including:
  • Integration with E-Business Tax services.

  • Integration with tax service providers.

  • Standard interface for E-Business Suite applications to add tax services to their business process flows.

Tax Determination Services This component consists of two subcomponents:
  • Tax Determination Management - Manages the requirements and processes around automatic tax calculation based on transaction details and tax setup information.

  • Tax Rules Management - Manages the setup and definition of tax rules.

Tax Record Repository This component contains the key attributes necessary to record a tax event. A single tax transaction can include over 600 key attributes.
Tax Administration Services This component manages the accounting for all tax transactions.
Tax Reporting Ledger This component manages access to the Tax Content and Tax Record Repositories for tax reporting purposes.

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