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Sultry, Lyrical,and Dynamic are just a few words to describe Oracle Jayne Doe. Her artistry shines thru every melodic tone that dances from her mouth to your ears. Here you will experience the full spectrum of her talents, and be transformed into an Orajyn (fan). Daily updates, photo galleries, and more will keep u involved with Oracle's movement. Its the dawning of a new era...

Los Angeles native and well-known mic rocker Oracle Jayne Doe has recently been charged with murder in the first degree for absolutely killing the game. 

The Oracle’s latest project, aptly titled “N@2ME” (‘Anatomy’) is a fully realized body of material that examines her own vast inner musical palette, while showcasing an artist at her mature and artistic peak. Her cover art, reminiscent of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, features The Oracle, arms spread wide with eyes closed, in a pose that suggests she holds nothing back, offering her all. Indeed the disc is a total musical immersion experience. If there needed to be label to describe her melodic expression, it would be Alternative Hip Hop.  Sultry neo-soul sits alongside rawkus hip hop which segues into smooth rnb which blends with folksy rebel-rockers, The Oracle is the full package, an artist for today’s splintered musical tastes,
visionary, mature, sexy, powerful, edgy, real. As her namesake says, The Oracle is seeing where others don’t, doing what others can’t, being what others won’t. 

Native Los Angeleno The Oracle, born Kawanna Lewis, attended Clark Atlanta University in Georgia. While there she naturally gravitated to a bubbling Atlanta music scene, and was soon blazing stages as an opening act for notable artists such as Wu Tang Clan and The Dogg Pound. Atlanta at that time wasn’t the epicenter of hip hop it is today, and so Ms. Doe headed back west, to her hometown LA, where she currently resides, and began her pursuit of her dream. Gracing world famous stages such as THE ROXY,
ATHLETIC CLUB, and appearing on MTV, where she received support from American Idol’s RANDY JACKSON, The Oracle has made a mark in a competitive field. She was also one of the first musical guests to appear on BET’s COMIC VIEW.

Solo, The Oracle Jayne Doe is a groundbreaking artist in her own right, but she also is a member of an all-female musical collective known as The (SIS) TEM, with a huge buzz in the Los Angeles underground as a sick group of fire-spitting emcees. To see a live (SIS) TEM show is to see a group of women taking no prisoners and absolutely murdering the competition.

Along with her God-given talents as a singer/songwriter/producer/rapper, The Oracle holds a Bachelors Degree in Entertainment Business Management from Cal State University Northridge, and is a certified personal trainer as well. Again, a total package with no loose ends.
She has been called a high-powered, mature, classy combination of the soulful Me’shell Ndegeocello
with the fire and brimstone of Lauryn Hill, sprinkled with the vocal ability of her idol, Nina Simone, and the comparisons are well placed.

Ultimately, The Oracle is in a class all her own, seeing where others don’t, doing what others can’t, being
who others won’t.