Welcome to the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group!

This group is a place to discuss best practices and methodologies for JDeveloper ADF Enterprise development, including effort by "experts" in ADF (that's anyone that knows what ADF stands for ;-) to discuss high level issues than those discussed on the OTN JDeveloper Forums.  This effort is an overall part of getting ADF experts, advocates and programmers to start collaborating at user group events and OOW to get "ADF out there".

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To join the ADF EMG you need to fill out this short survey at to detail your current ADF interests and usage. You must include the email address you will sign into the group with. Your details are only used by the ADF EMG to better understand its members and will not be passed on to Oracle or 3rd parties. Once you have completed the survey we will endeavour to activate your membership within two working days (but we're volunteers and only human so please bear with us!). Once activated you will receive a welcome email and can start posting to the group.

Note: you can use any email address to set up a Google Groups account (not just Gmail), the only exception is if you use Google Apps for your mail in which case you may need to use a different address (currently changing - see your Google Apps administrator).

A Global Network for ADF Professionals

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We have two twitter feeds you may be interested in:

  • ADF EMG official feed: adf_emg - this is relevent ADF information only
  • ADF EMG twitterers: adf_emg/members - these are all tweets from ADF EMG members (which may or may not be ADF related). If you are an EMG member and would like to be added to this list please email Sten Vesterli.
  • If you tweet about the ADF EMG, or want to search for relevant tweets, please use the #adf_emg hashtag

A few rules for this group:

1) Professional at all times please.
2) Please include your full name in your profile (ie. no anonymous posting).
3) Strictly no job/employment posts or head hunting.
4) If you start a thread, be willing to summarize that thread when it concludes and post the results on the Oracle Wiki and/or this site.
5) As soon as you start describing a bug, or how do I get a certain feature to work, it's off to the OTN forums for you!  Really the OTN forums are a much better place for such posts.
6) Please refrain from 1 line posts and answers, considered and detailed responses are key!
7) Beginners, don't post without doing some research first. Google is a great resource.  OTN is a great resource.  Make use of them.  Others won't do basic work for you.
8) All content posted lies under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.  Any content sourced must be attributed back to the ADF EMG with a link to the Google Group.

Google Group Owner - Chris Muir (@chriscmuir)
Google Group Moderators - Simon Haslam (@simon_haslam) & John Flack
Twitter Administrator - Sten Vesterli (@stenvesterli