What is it?             An after school tutoring program (Enrichment)  provided at no cost for OHMS students. It is a great opportunity to get extra help with                                    homework and/or have a quiet place to complete homework.

When is it?            After school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

What time?           3:00 to 4:00

Where?                 The after school enrichment schedule will be available within the next 3 weeks of school. Students are not required to sigh up ahead of                                   time. Students may choose when and who they meet with each week. Teachers who have signed up to provide after school enrichment                                   will conduct the tutoring sessions in their assigned classroom.

After School Enrichment

(3:00 to 4:00)



Math                           (Oberg, Rm.  6)

Lang. Arts                  (Kidd, Rm. 51)

Science                       (L. Jones, Rm. 23)

Spanish                       (Denney, Port. 3)



Math                           (Woodcock, Rm. 3)

Lang. Arts                   (Draper, Rm. 50)

Science                        (Greer, Rm. 19)

Technology                  (Allsop, Rm. 35)



Math                            (Taylor, Rm. 12)

Lang. Arts                    (Hobbs, Rm. 43)

Social Studies              (Richins, Rm. 13)

Science                         (Byerline, Rm. 20)

T.A. Intervention

Every week during T.A. students are invited into a classroom of one of their teachers to work on any missing assignments, re-teaching concepts, test make-ups or anything the teacher or students feel is necessary for intervention. Every week the core departments (math, language arts, science and social studies) are rotated. Other departments are integrated into the rotation throughout the quarter.