PCCR stands for Plan for College and Career Readiness. This is a process students begin in 7th grade and continue with every year until they graduate from high school. It involves an annual meeting with their counselor where school achievement, goals, strengths and challenges, opportunities available in high school and beyond, and any personal concerns are discussed.

7th Grade PCCR

OHMS counselors meet with all 7th grade students through the "Guidance" rotation of their CTE (Career and Technical Education) Class (Ms. Dutro's CTE class). The counselors teach 6 CTE Career Development lessons with all 7th grade students. These lessons include:

    * Personality types and how they relate to career choice
    * Learning styles and how students can use them to study more effectively
    * Balancing life roles
    * Understanding group behaviors and attitudes
    * Making informed career choices
    * PCCR

These lessons prepare students for their final CTE lesson, their small group PCCR. This is when students will share with their parent what they have learned and discovered about themselves!

8th Grade PCCR

In 8th grade counselors meet with all students, and hopefully their parent, individually for a 45 minute appointment.   

During the individual PCCR counselors will discuss:

    * High school graduation requirements
    * Advanced Placement (AP) credit
    * Concurrent enrollment
    * The Jordan Applied Technology Center (JATC)
    * Test Results from previous year CRT and Explore results
    * School performance.

9th Grade PCCR

Our 9th grade students participate in their PCCR in a small group setting through one of their classes. There are 2 parts to the 9th grade PCCR. The first part begins in the fall when students participate in "Reality Town." Reality Town is an opportunity for students to experience what life in the "real" world is all about as they manage their budget and pay their monthly bills. Students research careers they're interested in and set some goals for the future. The second part begins in March or April when counselors teach the 9th grade classes to review high school graduation requirements, student's progress towards graduation, and setting goals for the future.

Parents your participation in the PCCR Process is very important. Please contact the counseling center (412-2360) if you need to reschedule your appointment so you are able to attend.