Municipal leaders who run the complex network of diverse people, expected services and aging infrastructure are on a constant search for more efficient ways to analyze data, anticipate problems and coordinate resources in their cities.
Developing methods for fulfilling such a need involves, among other things, data analytics and intelligent sensor dissemination, modeling human demands and operations and planning, often under uncertainty.
Operations Research plays a vital role as it comprises methods that are capable of solving difficult, large scale, and highly uncertain optimization problems. More and more cities are turning to OR for a solid answer to their demand for efficient and robust allocation of resources.

This workshop has the purpose of bringing together scholars and practitioners that work on the solution of optimization, simulation, and data analysis problems related to the improvement of the quality of life and the use of resources in cities, to make cities smarter.

This workshop is organized within the CP2012 conference, Québec City, Canada, and will take place on October 8, 2012. Two invited talks will be delivered by: