Frequently asked questions

How do I access Optrader's swing trading portfolio?
Go to Philstockworld.com, then click on the "Optrader" tab. The post on top is the most recent post. This is where you access the live portfolio and the live comments. Click on "comments" to follow our daily discussion about the market and the trades we make. 

How often is the portfolio updated?
The portfolio is live. Every time we make a trade, we post it in the comments AND we update the portfolio immediately. The most recent trades are inserted at the top of the portfolio.

What does "/OB" and "/OS" mean?
"/OB" means "Bought"
"/OS" means "Sold"
This way you can search for "/O" in the comments and get all trades.

Why don't you include the dates of each trade?
After some discussions with members, we have decided that this kind of information was not relevant and would only make the portfolio more confusing. As we leg-in and out of trades, we would have to record a date for 1/2 IN, all IN, 1/3 out etc.
When you start following the portfolio, you will notice that it is very easy to follow each trade as we usually only have between 5 to 10 trades open at one time. As we post the most recent ones on top of the spreadsheet there is no confusion. 

Why don't you include the option's strike and expiration in the portfolio?
For a couple of reasons:
- We usually always buy ATM (At The Money) or slightly ITM (In The Money) calls or puts. We also always buy front month up to the last week before expiration, so there is no need to complicate the spreadsheet by including this information. If we do something different, we indicate it in the comments (in the post and in the spreadsheet).
- It is a personal choice: some traders prefer to buy further OTM options because they have a small account, some would rather get longer-term options, etc. What matters is that we follow some good rules for position sizing and that we are disciplined with our stops. If you have some doubt, you can always ask a question in the comments and we will be happy to help you pick the right option. We constantly discuss this kind of issue in the comments. The goal is to teach you to pick the option you need for your own risk.
- If we recommend that everyone buys the same strike/expiration at the same time then, on some less liquid instruments, we are going to end up bidding against each other.

Do I need to read the comments continuously throughout the day?
Absolutely not. Looking at the comments and/or portfolio once or twice a day should be more than enough. We believe that trading should be effortless. We usually make only a couple trades a day and keep them from a couple days to a couple weeks.

How much money do I need to get started?
As little as you want. You can only follow one or 2 trades at a time, you can only buy one or 2 contracts, etc. The only issue is that with a small account you will be less diversified.
But our goal is that even if you are paper trading, you can learn some very important concepts about how to manage risk. The trades are not important. Hopefully you will soon be able to pick your trades by yourself and will not need this service anymore.

What is the performance of the portfolio?
We are up 41% in the last month and 626% since the beginning of the portfolio (5 months ago). Expectancy is 1.85R per trade. Even if we can't guarantee that we will have such amazing results in the future, our goal is to prove that you can make money consistently (hopefully every month) by following some very simple rules and by being disciplined.