The direct relationship between teachers and their students is the cornerstone of Public Education.

FACT:  There are NO negative consequences for your student, your student’s teacher, your school, or the District if your student doesn’t take the MSP. Last year in Snohomish, over 550 students did not take the MSP and nothing happened to them! However, Olympia took notice.

There are lots of positive reasons to opt your student out of the MSP:

• Standardized tests are not a good way to measure learning! There are no standardized

students, so why should we have standardized tests? Students learn in different ways, and they

demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways that can’t be measured by a “fill in the bubble”

test. Your student’s teacher knows best how to assess your student’s learning—not a testing


• The MSP costs the State and our District hundreds of millions of dollars! Our class sizes

continue to increase, our back-to-school supply lists get longer because the schools can’t afford

basic supplies, and enrichment programs continue to be cut. The State needs to spend that

money on our schools, not on out-of-state testing companies who are just profiting off our kids.

• The MSP forces districts and teachers to “teach to the test” instead of focusing on a well-

rounded education. Most of our students’ learning time is spent on reading, writing, and math

because these are tested subjects. Our kids are not getting the science, social studies, art,

music, and physical education they deserve. Only when schools are freed from the pressures of

standardized tests will our teachers be allowed to teach the subjects and critical thinking skills

our kids need to have the rich, balanced education we want for them.

• Practicing for the MSP and taking the MSP wastes dozens of hours that could be spent

learning. Our students will learn more and have a more relevant school experience if their

education is not focused on passing the MSP.

When parents join together and opt their students out of the MSP, it sends a powerful

message to Olympia and undermines the grip the testing industry has on politicians

and public schools. These are YOUR SCHOOLS and this is YOUR TAX MONEY being

wasted on a test that teachers can not use to inform their teaching. OPT OUT!


MSP Opt-Out Form

I do not want my student to take the MSP.   Washington State and our school districts should be spending money on smaller class sizes, updated curriculum, more assistance in the classroom, and more resources for our students instead of wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on standardized tests that are not a good measure of what my student has learned. 

Please do not pull my student from his/her classes for any test preparation activities.

Please provide my student with an alternative high-quality learning opportunity while other students are taking the MSP.

Please do not contact me and try to change my mind about this decision.


Signature of Parent or Guardian:  __________________________________________________


Date Signed:  __________________________________________________________________


Student’s Name:  _______________________________________________________________


School:  _______________________________________________________________________


Student’s Grade Level:  ___________________________________________________________


Return this form to the Main Office at your student’s school.

Question? Great. Email us: OptOutWA @