This is an effort by Gloria Poole, RN of Missouri, to teach optimum health --wellness, as opposed to merely avoiding sickness. There are some tried and true ways to maintain your physical and mental health so that you have much energy, physical strength and mental alertness. I am writing this as a Registered Nurse who has had much education and also  as  a Christian who believes in disciplining your mind in the correct way.  Here  are my recommendations:

  • Walk about in your walkabout shoes, climb stairs, run, skip, jump rope; swim; ski; [be physically active as much as possible but at least three times a week for 30 minutes or more]. . 
  • Eat healthy foods and simple meals--lots of fruit and vegetables; and red meat 1-2 times per week. Remember that the health laws of Leviticus write that beef is one of the foods GOD said is safe to eat.  It is high in protein and folic acid which has been studied extensively and found to be critical in the formative time when a baby in utero, and also for all people because it helps heal. It even helped heal heart attack patients according to a research project at The University of Nebraska.
  • Drink milk in large quantities for calcium. 
  • Use olive oil instead of other oils; and real butter [calcium enriched naturally]  instead of oil-based margarines.
  • Resist snacking--if you are hungry eat real food and if not hungry, don't eat.
  • Drink clean water in  quantities of about 8 oz per  2 hours; and avoid carbonated drinks. If you have any reason to suspect your water is not safe to drink [bad odor to it, brown color to it; run-off water from ground seeping into it; known infections in the population that are transmitted by water] then strain the water through clean cloth and then boil the water for five minutes at rolling boil to sterilize it. 
  • Open the windows when weather permits and let in fresh air.
  • Drink real tea--it's good for you according to medical studies that have shown it prevents stroke. Avoid those teas brewed with weeds and filler junk. 
  • Do not eat scavengers including pork, lobster, crayfish,catfish, since they sky-rocket your cholesterol; and may cause you to ingest vile bacteria. Scavengers eat gross stuff. 
  • Follow the health care laws in the Bible especially the prohibition against the eating or ingesting of blood and fat. It is written, "moreoever ye shall eat no manner of blood, whether it be of fowl or beast, in any of your dwellings." [Leviticus 7: 26] and repeated several times, particularly " it shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that ye eat neither fat nor blood." Leviticus 3: 17 King James Holy Bible]
  • Be in a married committed relationship with the opposite sex; since that is proven by medical fact gathering and insurance companies' statistics to be the most healthy and most life -enhancing way to live. Marry young enough to have several children because they make life worthwhile and they are the greatest blessings of all.
  • Avoid junk foods like potato chips, and "empty calories" with almost no nutritional value. 
  • Exercise the weight off, if overweight,with many benefits: heart strengthening, endurance building. And exercise outdoors to get Vitamin D from the sun in natural way. And it also improves your mood.
  • Women should avoid sex when their period is on because the presence of blood is an excellent medium for bacteria to grow, thus making one more prone to infection at that time. 
  • When you are stressed, write in a journal, pray and meditate on a plan instead of worrying.
  • Take only aspirin for relief of any physical ailments--avoid habit-forming drugs, and drugs that alter your mind. Don't let your kids see you take even an aspirin to avoid programming them to drugs-as-solution.
  • Laugh a great big "belly laugh"--it lowers your blood pressure and de-stresses you instantly.
  • Tak to your family about almost everything--it builds and strengthens the "ties that bind." 
  • Eat meals with your family and children as often as possible, make them social events.
  • Pray daily, acknowledging that there is a GOD and it is not you! That keeps you in proper mindset.
  • Include the fish the Bible allows in your diet for the Omega 3 oils from them that are heart healthy.
  • Cry when you feel overwhelmed --think of it as the safety valve on the "pressure cooker" of life.
  • Have babies! They are good for you in many ways: much less risk of cervical or breast cancer.
  • Enjoy sex with your husband or wife only; avoid adultery and fornication--it causes so much misery and suffering.
  • Give and get hugs often, and enjoy snuggling with your husband or wife intimately; and with your children in non-intimate ways [exception is breast feeding is intimate and positive for mother and baby.] Healthy physical contact in appropriate relationships has many benefits.
  • Do not be sexually active before marriage. Sexually transmitted diseases have ruined many women's chances  of having children and even caused deaths. Promiscuous lifestyles are detrimental to you in many ways,and cause women especially to feel used and discarded, not valuable, not loveable. Avoid fornication.
  • Allow yourself to need others, to interact with them, talk to them, need to be in their presence.
  • Allow yourself to be dependent on your spouse, forsake too much "independence" --it destroys relationships. Men need to be needed and they need to be heroes so let them. 
  • Attend Church that teaches from the Bible because it will reprogram you from a secular godless existence to  an awareness of the Majesty and power and LOVE of God, and that will make your life much, much better.
  • Have wholesome hobbies, like creating art, writing poetry, writing, baking, walking,reading.
  • ENJOY your children! They are automatic destressors when you really stop to look at them and listen to them.
  • Swim as often as you have opportunity--it is one of the healthiest things you are able to do --it strengthens your heart, your abdominal muscles, your behind, your legs, increases your lung capacity, energizes you.
  • Read your Bible for guidance --get a concordance if you need one to find verses for your problem. I love the King James Holy Bible and I recommend it for several reasons: the language is precise and poetic, and it is absolute and unwavering on the issues of human sin and what is necessary to be saved from it. { note; my site for the King James Holy Bible is one of the ones stolen by cybercriminals who hate GOD and hate the book of Genesis especially since it tells that GOD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for sodomy. They have not gotten away with it though they think they have. The FBI has their names and ip addresses who hacked into my computer.  Remember this: the sodomites will not win because GOD is fighting against them as HE promised in the Bible to do. Think how H Clinton is gone from power, and so is T Kennedy and they were two of the worst  Senators in history -meaning  supporters of sin and abomination there] . GOD is at work! Praise GOD anyway!]
  • IF you should feel yourself "coming down with something" get more sleep, take Vitamin C, drink tons of water, but not all at once, of course; have about a cup of potable [safe for drinking] water every hour. If not available, then boil water.]
  • Breast feed your babies, ensuring much much less risk of breast cancer for yourself.
  • Use real salt not the silicone added variety.
  • Avoid canned foods loaded with sugar. Many foods are not enhanced by sugar so read the labels. If sugar is  added in ,and it is not a food that needs sugar to be palatable, then buy a different brand. 
  • Avoid endless hours of TV watching. Some studies have raised the concern that such mindless activity lowers IQ. 
  • Use your brain, make it work, think through complex questions and mental challenges.This is proved to be the way to maintain the ability to think. Read on many topics.
  • Keep your mind pure. Avoid horror movies, and movies that stress you, so you do not think on evil.  
  • Sleep every night  for 7-8 hours, set regular bedtimes so family sleeps too.
  • Add moisturizers to your bath water and to your face. A  plastic surgeon I once worked with,  told me that is the best and simplest way to look fresh and younger longer.  
  • Allow times of quiet without noise or activity. 
  • Nap when needed to prevent exhaustion.
  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverages;  and avoid all forms of sweet "mixed" with alcohol drinks also.
  • Do not 'do' drugs of any sort especially do not ever 'try' cocaine or heroin or any of those wicked drugs that kill.The propaganda about them being 'recreational'  is marketing to hook more people on them. They are killer drugs --stay away from them. And I would also add do not use oxycontin even if in hospital because it is a known addicting drug and it is widely available on the black market if my email is any indication since offers to sell it to me come into my emails at times, [but I forward those to the FBI just so you know--do not ever send me offers for drugs in any fashion! ] 
  • Do something good for others, instead of focusing always on yourself. 
  • Do not smoke or chew any form of tobacco, or snuff, or smokeless tobacco. Tobacco in any form contains chemicals that cause cancer, and is addicting, leading to ever progressing disease and death.. Also, e-cigarettes are WORST than regular cigarettes because they include many chemicals including flame retardant.  For more on this topic read my public health blog at https://gloriapoole-RN-artist.blogspot.com. And you might enjoy my stop smoking cartoon I drew and painted and posted to another blog of mine at http://gloriapoole.livejournal.com on the 16th of February 2016 post. 
  •  Vote prolife because GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7. If you vote for life, then you are sort of registering with GOD if you want to think of it that way as wanting life for yourself and your children.
  •  Increase your Folic Acid either by eating red meat or by eating bushel baskets of green leafy vegetables or by taking supplements. Studies at University of Nebraska at Omaha proved it has restorative power.
  • Make sure you get enough Niacin in your diet or supplement it with vitamins. Read more on this subject on the topic of what not having enough Niacin in your diet does to you at another site of mine at :http://lifemedia-publishing.net/ [this website is one of the ones belonging to me that cybercriminals tried to steal and I am in process of getting it back with the help of law enforcement, FYI. Update as of 11-Sept-2010 : the internet is still a very dangerous place to buy anything. There seems to be some hosting companies that are facades for thieves so be very cautious when signing up for domains--investigate them in every way possible because 1and1.com of Pennysylvania scammed me for $1,000 over 4 months time.]
  • Brush your teeth twice a day and floss them also. Good dental hygiene is important to your overall health since tooth abscesses can seed bacteremia [infected blood that is pumped throughout your body by the heart]. Also there are several mouthwashes with bleaches in them to whiten teeth.That is good, but bleach alternatives [not clorox obviously in your mouth] may help eliminate some of the bacteria you may have come into contact with, that resides in your mouth. A Surgeon I once worked with said the human mouth is one of the "dirtiest' parts of the human body when it comes to being a host place for bacteria to grow.
  • Wash your hands. I realized that like many who know better, I assumed everyone knows this. But that is not true, as I observed once when watching in a public bathroom and counting how many people washed their hands after toileting. {Not many] and was shocked. Wash your hands after using the bathroom, putting on your shoes, handling pets, sneezing, coughing, wiping your nose, or your bum.Wash your hands before you eat if at all possible or rinse them under running water if no soap available [as is often the case if you eat in a fast-food place.] 
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze, or cough, and preferably with a tissue of some sort to soak up the air-borne droplets that spray in those situations. If no tissue, then keep a clean handkerchief close by and wash it when dirty.
  • Do not touch some animals in any way or anything they touched;  or a dead body. The animals not to touch are:  mice, rats, snakes, rodents, the weasel, the tortoise, the ferret, the chameleon, the lizard, the mole, the snail, and animals that 'goeth upon his paws' [Leviticus 11:27-31], and 'every  creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth'. [Leviticus 11:41]. The prohibition against touching dead bodies is from Leviticus also. 
  • Limit, restrain s-e-x [spelled that way to avoid being flooded with offers into my inbox] according to the Bible rules in Leviticus chapters 15, and 18;  including not to have s-e-x with your husband if a woman or your wife if a man during the wife's menstrual period because the mouth of her womb is open and blood is flowing there and it creates a superb culture field for growing any sort of bacteria. Avoid STDs. Also never have s-e-x with anyone related to you in any way. GOD defines that as incest, see Leviticus chapter 18.
  • If you were exposed to flu, cold, viruses, go home and swab gently the inside of your nose with peroxide mixed with water. Peroxide is a form of bleach but one safe for humans and oral surgeons prescribe mouth washes with it after oral surgery. It kills bacteria and cleans out the blood and mucus there that bacteria and viruses thrive on.
  • If you were sick then as you  are on the mend, buy a new toothbrush and discard the old one. If you cannot afford to do that, then either boil the old brush if it has natural bristles, [you cannot boil a plastic toothed brush] or wash it with hot sudsy water in dish detergent and rinse it copiously with running water, to remove your own germs from it. You do not want to reinfect yourself with whatever you had when sick by brushing your teeth with a germ-infested brush.
  • Put real salt on your food to taste. Kosher salt is wonderful, and some like the natural form of sea salt. The processed salt is not of much taste or use it seems to me.  Salt is chemically NaCL and it is a necessary component to your blood. If you eliminate too much of that from your diet and also walk about [sweat] you will feel weak and not good. Salt helps your cells move fluid back and forth across the cell membranes, necessary for absorbing nutrition and for excreting wastes.
  • Do not ever abort your babies. It is not "health care" and it is a sin against GOD. You cannot get the blessings of GOD if you are actively sinning [per scripture. Remember JESUS' admonition to the sinner-woman at the well? Also, remember the scriptures Genesis 1:27-28; Exodus 20:13; Jeremiah 1:5; Psalms 139:13-16; Matthew 18:14, John 10:10; John 14:6 because they are prolife verses. 
  • Do not be casual about any surgery. All surgery has risks, and some has very serious risks. Ask lots of questions & ask surgeon to draw for you what he intends to do, to help you understand. Every surgeon I ever worked with drew a simple drawing for the patient before surgery to make sure the patient understood what was planned. Don't accept shoddy, or bad "health care". 
  • See https://twitter.com/ProlifeNurse for the medical photos there of babies as they look when developing in the womb.  Follow me on twitter :@ProlifeNurse and or @personhood1; and or @gloriapoole.  

  • And also see :
  • https://sites.google.com/site/artistillustrations for pencil drawings [of mine] of some of the stages of development. 

  • More of my  PROLIFE websites/ blogs I own and create but this is not all of them:
Medical textbooks you can utilize to teach yourself medical knowledge of human life, pregnancy, delivery, medical care of those in womb, neonatalogy, complications --all aspects of human life. 
1) Early Pregnancy 
2) Fetal Therapy by Mark Kilby,Anthony Johnson,Dick Oepkes
3) Obstetrics and Intrapartum Emergencies by Edward Chandrahara,and Sabaratnam Arulkumaran
4) Analgesia,Anesthesia and Pregnancy by Steve Yentis and Surbhi Malhotra 
5) Pregnancy after Assisted Reproductive Technology by Eric Jauniaux and Botros Rizk 
6) Atlas of Oocytes, Zygotes and Embryoes in Reproductive Medicine by Marc Van den Bergh and Thomas Ebner,and Kay Elder
7) Infertility Counseling by Sharon Covington and Linda Hammer Burns 
8) Ectopic Pregnancy by Isabel Stabile 
9) Gametes by J.G. Grudzinskas and J.L. Yovich 
10) GenEthics by Kurt Bayertz and Susan L Kirkby, and H Tristam Englehardt,Jr 
11) Prenatal Care by Marie McCormick and Joanne Siegel
12) Ethical issues in Maternal -Fetal Medicine by Donna Dickenson
13) Preterm Labour by Jane Norman and Ian Greer 
14) The Fetal Matrix by Peter Gluckman & Mark Hanson
15) Environmental impacts on Reproductive Health and Fertility by Tracey Woodruff, Sarah Janssen,Louis Guillette,Jr, and Linda Giudice
16) Biology and Pathology of the Oocyte by Alan O Trounson and Roger G Gosden
17) Biology and Pathology of the Trophoblast by Ashley Moffett, Charlie and Lake and Anne McLaren
18) The Sperm Cell by Christopher J De Jonge and Christopher Bartlett
19) Infertility and Assisted Reproduction by R Botros, M B Rizk, Juan Garcia_-Velasco,Hassan Sallam and Antonis Makrigiannakis
20) The Healthy Embryo by Jeff Nisker, Francoise Baylis, Isabel Karpin,Carolyn McLeod, Roxanne Mykitiuk 
21) Gametes--The Oocyte by J. G. Grudzinskas and J.L. Yovich
22) Textbook of Clinical Embryology by Kevin Coward and Dagan Wells
23) Handbook of Human Oocyte Cryopreservation by Eleonora Porcu and Patrizia Ciottis, and Stefano Venturoli
24) Neonatalogy by Richard A Polin and John M Lorenz
25) Handbook of Obstetric Medicine by Catherine Nelson-Piercy
26) High Risk Pregnancy--Management Options by Phillip J Steer, Carl Weiner, Bernard Gonik, Caroline Crowther, and Stephanie Robson
27) Dewhurst's Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology by Keith Edmunds
28) Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing Care by Patricia Ladewig, Marcia London and Michele Davidson<
29) Childbearing: A Nursing Perspective by Ann Clark and Dyanne Alfonso
30) Maternity Nursing by Dietra Leonard Lowdermilk and Shannon Perry
plus many,many more.
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